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    CBD Drinks (18)

    • Barneys Botanicals

    Barneys Botanicals - Delta 8 Drink - Cherry Drink Additive - 500mg

    • Barneys Botanicals

    Barneys Botanicals - Delta 8 Drink - Tropical Punch Drink Additive - 500mg

    • TRE House

    TRE House - Delta 8 Drinks - D8:D9 Syrup - Bussin Berry - 1000mg

    • TRE House

    TRE House - HHC Drinks - HHC Syrup - Purple Stuff - 1000mg

    • HOLISTIK Wellness

    HOLISTIK Wellness - CBD Drink Mix - Sleep Stir STIK - 10mg

    • HOLISTIK Wellness

    HOLISTIK Wellness - CBD Drink Mix - Stress Stir STIK - 10mg

    • HOLISTIK Wellness

    HOLISTIK Wellness - CBD Drink Mix - Recover Stir STIK - 10mg

    • HOLISTIK Wellness

    HOLISTIK Wellness - CBD Drink Mix - Digest Stir STIK - 10mg

    CBD Drinks Wholesale

    There's nothing more refreshing than a calming, CBD infused beverage. CBD drinks are praised by everyone from professional athletes to the corporate elite.

    Everybody needs to stay hydrated, and CBD drinks allow people to do so while enjoying a hearty serving of beneficial cannabinoids at the same.

    There are an incredible amount of CBD products on the market. Customers can choose from just about any CBD product they can imagine, but out of all the CBD products out there, CBD drinks are one of the most popular.

    At, we are dedicated to bringing you the best CBD drinks on the market at unbeatable wholesale prices. It's no secret that CBD is immensely popular, and there are new brands emerging almost daily.

    With so many new brands trying to hop on the CBD bandwagon, it can be difficult to sort through and find the best. 

    We spend a great deal of time researching the products we offer, and only sell the cleanest, purest CBD drinks from the most reputable brands in the industry.

    When you buy CBD drinks at, you can rest assured that no matter which product you choose, you’re getting the absolute best.

    Our customers can't get enough of our CBD drinks, and we’re sure your customers will love them too! In this article we’ll take a closer look at what makes CBD drinks so popular, the ingredients they contain, even recommend some easy ways to choose the best CBD drinks for your customers.

    If you want to buy CBD drinks wholesale, you've come to the right place!

    What Are CBD Drinks?

    CBD is a phytocannabinoid that's found in high concentrations in the hemp plant. CBD companies take great care in growing their hemp plants to ensure they reach full-maturity and contain a bounty of cannabinoids. 

    Once the hemp is grown, it is taken to a drying facility and dried to the desired amount. After the hemp is dry, it is subject to an extraction process where the manufacturer will use one of many available solvents to pull all of the desirable phytocannabinoids from the plant.

    This results in an oil that contains the valuable compounds from the hemp plant.

    The CBD-rich hemp extract is then either infused into a beverage or dehydrated and made into a powder that the customer can mix into the beverage of their choice.

    CBD Drinks Are Incredibly Popular

    CBD drinks are one of the most popular CBD products available. There're about a million reasons to love these products, but one of the things people really appreciate about CBD drinks is that there are so many to choose from.

    CBD drinks come in such a variety that they can satisfy anyone's preference.

    Whether your customers want to sip an energizing cup of CBD infused coffee, or prefer a mellow CBD tea to help them relax, we have you covered.

    There are also a variety of CBD drinks that come in a powder form that allows the user to mix it into a drink of their choice.

    People often use CBD drink powders in their morning smoothie. Many people find that when they start their day with a helping of CBD, it helps feel relaxed throughout the day and improves their mental clarity.

    We live in an age where CBD has blossomed into one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market. There's an almost endless list of products for customers to choose from, but out of all them, CBD drinks are on the top of the list.

    People just can't seem to get enough of this diverse line of delicious CBD beverages.

    The Finest Ingredients

    To make the best CBD products, you have to start with the finest ingredients. At, we take pride in the products we sell and only offer CBD drinks that have been made with the best possible ingredients. 

    When it comes to CBD, customers do their homework. If you're selling sub par products, you aren't going to attract many CBD enthusiasts.

    Fortunately, if you shop at, you can rest assured that whatever CBD drink you choose, you're getting the absolute best.

    Organic Hemp

    We carry a huge selection of CBD drinks that have been crafted with organically grown hemp. People have grown sick of putting things in their body that are made with chemicals that are hard to pronounce, and full of GMOs.

    The shift to organic products is apparent in grocery stores, but it is something that has become a universal movement. People prefer things like electric cars and organic produce that aren't destroying the planet.

    When people shop for CBD products, one of the things they often look for is whether or not it's made with organically grown hemp. At, you can find a wide variety of CBD drinks that are made with organic hemp.

    If you want to attract some earth-conscious customers, be sure to stock up on wholesale CBD drinks that are made with organic hemp extract. 

    Premium Extractions

    There are a variety of different ways to extract the desirable phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant. Different brands use different extraction methods, and they aren't all equal. Some manufacturers use butane to extract their CBD oil. This is the least desirable method because it leaves trace amounts of butane residue in the final product.

    While this is considered safe for consumption and is legally sold throughout the U.S, it isn't the strongest selling point. People don't want to put chemicals in their bodies, and the thought of drinking butane in a CBD drink doesn't sound very nice.

    The most popular extraction methods use either ethanol or CO2. While both of these extraction methods are highly effective at pulling the desired compounds from the hemp plant, CO2 is generally regarded as the best. 

    Supercritical CO2 does not leave any sort of residu in the final product. It also ensures that all of the cannabinoids make it from the plant to the resulting extract oil.

    Once the oil is extracted via supercritical CO2 it is tested for quality, and infused into products such as CBD drinks and powders. 

    Third-Party Tested

    CBD manufacturers must follow strict FDA guidelines to legally sell their products. These measures are put in place to ensure that all the CBD products that hit the market are safe for human consumption.

    After a CBD oil has been extracted from the hemp plant, it must be sent to third-party labs where it undergoes a rigorous series of tests.

    These tests confirm that the CBD oil doesn't contain any heavy-metals, residual pesticides, or harsh chemicals of any kind. All of the CBD drinks we offer at have been tested at third-party labs and have surpassed any of the legal requirements. Detailed lab results are available for all of the CBD drinks we offer.

    If you want to see how amazing these products are, feel free to take a look at the lab results!

    A Huge Selection of CBD Drinks

    One of the things that keeps people coming back is having a large selection of CBD drinks for them to choose from. Having a varied inventory not only increases the likelihood that your customer will find the product that they're after, but it gives them options to explore.

    CBD enthusiasts love to explore and try new products, and if you have a big variety, they'll come back time after time. 

    At, we embrace the freedom of choice, and carry a large number of top-tier CBD drinks for you to choose from. Our shelves are stocked with everything from CBD tranquility tea and CBD coffee pods, to delicious drink singles and flavorful CBD stir-sticks.

    Whether you want to offer your customers an energizing CBD drink, or something to help them relax, we’ve got you covered at!

    Why People Love CBD Drinks

    There are an almost endless number of reasons that people love CBD drinks. These delicious beverages are easy to use, can be taken with you just about anywhere, and help you to remember your daily helping of CBD. When it comes to CBD products, it doesn't get much better than CBD drinks.

    One of the things customers love about CBD drinks is that they come in perfectly pre-measured servings which makes it incredibly easy for the user to stay on top of how much CBD they're taking at a time.

    Selecting The Perfect CBD Drinks For Your Customers

    With some many delicious CBD drinks to choose from, making a final decision can feel a bit overwhelming. Don't worry, selecting a CBD drink for your customers is a breeze, and you can rest assured that all the products we carry at are of the utmost quality.

    Consider what your customers purchase most often. Do they prefer coffee over tea? Do they often buy drink mixes? 

    No one knows your customers better than you do, so consider their regular purchase, listen to your instinct, and you're sure to choose the perfect CBD drinks.

    Buy CBD Drinks in Bulk at

    At, we are committed to quality. We offer only the finest CBD drinks available at wholesale prices that simply can't be beat.

    If you're interested in offering your customers the best CBD drinks on the market, there's no better place to find them than right here at!