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    CBD Devices (13)

    • Ignite CBD

    Ignite CBD - CBD Device - Black Soft Touch Rechargeable Vape Pen

    • CBDfx

    CBDfx - CBD Device - Vape Kit

    • Koi CBD

    Koi CBD - CBD Vape Device - Exxus Slim VV Battery 380 mAh (12 Pack)

    • Dope CBD

    Dope CBD - CBD Device - Vape Battery

    • Hempzilla

    Hempzilla - CBD Device - Ki

    • Koi CBD

    Koi CBD - CBD Vape Device - Koi Stik by Boulder (12 Pack)

    • E1011 Labs

    E1011 Labs - CBD Cartridge Starter Kit - ELON

    • E1011 Labs

    E1011 Labs - CBD Cartridge Device - ELON

    CBD Devices Wholesale

    Vaping CBD has become one of the most popular methods of use. To vape, you need a device, and we have an incredible selection to choose from. 

    At we pride ourselves on offering the best vape devices from the most trusted brands in the industry. We have everything from classic vape pens with 510 threads to cutting-edge products like the Davinci MIQRO vaporizer. You can offer devices that are simple or high-tech and you can do it all at impressively low wholesale prices.

    If you aren't familiar with vape devices, we’re happy to help you become better acquainted. In this product overview, we’ll take a deep-dive into the world of CBD devices and explain what they are, how they're used, and how to choose the best products for your customers.

    What Are CBD Devices?

    Put simply, CBD devices are what people use to vaporize CBD. They typically have a self-contained battery that requires occasional charging. This battery powers a coil inside the device that heats up to the optimum temperature to atomize hemp oil. Once the oil is atomized it becomes a compound-rich vapor that is then inhaled by the user.

    Vaping CBD is the fastest way to access its benefits. When a person inhales vapor from a CBD device the effects are almost instant. This is one of the many reasons vaping has become so popular. If your goal is to stock up on products that will remain in high demand, CBD vape devices are a fantastic option.

    A Variety of High-Quality Devices

    At we offer a complete selection of the finest vape devices on the market. Each one of them is unique and has its own set of benefits. Some people prefer the familiarity of using 510 cartridges and others are curious to explore products like the CBD open pod system from Blue Moon Hemp.

    When it comes to vape devices quality counts. It’s hard to trust a product from a brand that's not particularly well known. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the most sought after brands in CBD!

    No matter which devices your customers prefer, you're sure to find the perfect product in the massive selection available at 

    How to Use CBD Devices

    These devices make vaping CBD a breeze. Customers love that CBD devices are easy to use, portable, and highly effective. It's important to read the directions included with the specific product because there are a variety of vape devices that operate in different ways. Luckily there are some basic things that most vape devices have in common.

    Vape devices are fairly simple. Once your customer has removed the device from the packaging they will need to charge the device. While the device is charging it’s a good time to fill up the vape tank with their favorite CBD vape juice. After the device is fully charged and the vape tank has been filled and installed, the device needs to be turned on.

    Most devices can be turned on by rapidly clicking a button but this is something that is specific to each device and will be explained in the included user's manual. Once the device is turned on, all that's left to do is enjoy a few puffs of CBD!

    Choosing the Perfect CBD Device for Your Customers

    We have a lot of incredible wholesale CBD vape devices and we know that can make it hard to choose. While this may seem like a daunting task, with a few considerations you’ll be able to select the perfect devices for your customers.

    A good way to approach selecting inventory is to take a look at your sales history. If you already sell CBD you have an advantage. You can take a look and see which products your customers purchase most often. If your customers love CBDfx products, pick up some CBDfx vape kits. If your customers only seem to buy 510 threaded cartridges, you'll want to make sure you're buying compatible devices.

    Selecting CBD devices is easy when you shop at because you can rest assured that no matter which device you choose, you're getting a top-tier device from a reputable brand.

    What's in The Box?

    Each CBD charger comes with different accessories so it's a good idea to take a look at what's provided before you buy. Most devices come with a vape tank, a charger, and the device itself. 

    These are the essentials that your customers need to get started vaping. The only thing missing is some premium CBD vape juice, and we happen to have an incredible selection. When you find the perfect vape devices, make sure to stock up on some vape juice as well!

    Buy CBD Devices in Bulk at

    When you want to fill your shelves with top-tier vape devices there's no better place to shop than We offer unbeatable prices on the best devices from the most trusted names in the industry.

    Your customers deserve the best and that's exactly what you’ll get at!