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    Green Roads (20)

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Edible - Relax Bears - 300mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Topical - Heat Relief Muscle & Joint Roll-On 150mg-750mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Tincture - Nightly Dose Melatonin + CBN Oil - 25mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Edible - Sleepy Zs Bedtime Blackberry Gummies - 25mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Topical - Muscle & Joint Relief Cream - 150mg-750mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Edible - Extra Strength Relax Gummy Bears - 25mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Edible - Rise N Shine Gummies - 25mg

    • Green Roads

    Green Roads - CBD Tincture - Sweet Sleep with Melatonin + CBN Oil - 750mg

    Green Roads CBD Wholesale

    Welcome to Green Roads CBD! This brand makes some of the finest CBD around and offers a variety of formulations that customers love! 

    Whether your customers are after a powerful tincture, a delicious gummy, or a savory cup of CBD coffee, you can find just what you've been looking for in our selection of Green Roads CBD products.

    This company is committed to quality and has earned a reputation as one of the most sought after brands on the market.

    Our customers can't get enough Green Roads CBD, and we're sure your customers will have the same reaction! Green Roads is one of those brands that really stands out amongst the crowd. We’re excited to help you familiarize yourself with this impressive company. 

    In this product overview, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top-selling Green Roads products, how they're made, and why customers keep coming back.

    If you're interested in buying wholesale Green Roads CBD, this article will help you find the perfect products and make an informed purchase.

    How It All Started

    Green Roads CBD is one of the oldest and most trusted brands on the market. They've proven over time that they maintain an unwavering commitment to quality and consistently deliver premium CBD year after year.

    It all started back in 2013 when licensed compounding pharmacist Laura Fuentes was approached by a dear friend asking for help. Her friend, Arby Barrosso, was having a difficult time with his health issues and believed that CBD was the answer.

    Laura knew she had to do something to help her friend and started spending any free time she had formulating CBD products she thought might be able to contribute to his wellness.Laura's optimism about hemp grew and grew as she saw the benefits that Arby was experiencing.

    They both became inspired by the results and knew that they needed to help bring the power of CBD to the world.

    With Arby's entrepreneurial mind-set, and Laura's experience as a compounding pharmacist, they grew Green Roads CBD into one of the most popular CBD brands on the planet.

    Customer Reviews

    When you find a brand or product that you want to buy wholesale, it's always a good idea to do a bit of research.

    CBD manufacturers are limited by strict FDA regulations that prevent them from making any direct claims about their products benefits. They are also quite limited in regards to what customers review their allowed to post.

    The best place to find information on CBD products is from the people who use them. Customer reviews and CBD blogs are incredibly valuable sources of information.

    You aren't going to be selling these products back to the manufacturer, so it doesn't really matter how great they think their product is. What's important is how customers feel about it.

    Green Roads CBD has over 10,000 customer reviews and 90.4% of them are 4-5 stars. That's a pretty incredible success rate, but it's no surprise coming from a company of this caliber. 

    This company makes a great effort to manufacture their products to the highest standards and only uses the finest ingredients in all of their products. Green Roads popularity was earned through a commitment to quality, not by banking on celebrity endorsements, and customers earned in such fashion are customers for life.

    Certified Organic Hemp

    Green Roads CBD offers products made with the finest hemp available. This company knows that to make the best products, you need to use the best ingredients. The hemp used to manufacture Green Roads products is anything but average.

    All of the hemp used in these products is certified organic and grown in the most sustainable way possible. 

    Organic hemp is something customers often look for in a product. We live in a world where our food is filled with chemicals and GMOs, and that's the last thing people want in their CBD.

    Green Roads doesn't use any harmful pesticides, GMOs, or harsh chemicals of any kind to grow their hemp. This leaves customers with a pure, effective product that they can trust.

    CO2 Extracted

    There are a myriad of ways to extract desirable compounds from the hemp plant, but they don't all yield the same results. Some companies use chemicals like butane to extract their CBD. While butane extractions are somewhat effective, they have a tendency to leave trace amounts of butane in the extract oil.

    While these minuscule amounts are considered safe for consumption, it's not the strongest selling point for a wellness product such as CBD.

    Green Roads CBD is CO2 extracted. This method of extraction is clean, effective, and held in high regard by CBD enthusiasts. CO2 extractions are remarkably effective at capturing all of the valuable cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

    CO2 doesn't leave any residue in the final product, and results in hemp oil that is particularly rich in CBD.

    Third-Party Tested

    CBD products are under strict regulation in the U.S. The FDA employs a safety standard for all CBD products being sold. One of the requirements for all products is that they are thoroughly tested at qualified third-party laboratories.

    Here, the products are tested to ensure that they don't contain any residual pesticides, heavy-metals, or contaminants of any kind.

    All Green Roads products are tested at ISO-certified third-party labs and far surpass the standards put in place by the FDA. Detailed lab results are available for all of the Green Roads products we offer.

    If you want to see just how pure, and potent these products are, feel free to take a look at the lab reports!

    A Selection of Top-Tier Products

    One of the things customers love about Green Roads is the incredible variety of products they have to choose from. Some people use CBD to help them sleep, others use it to help combat chronic pain, and many use it as a way to stay on top of their general wellness.

    Everyone wants something different from their CBD use and have their own preferences for the types of products they use. Green Roads CBD has products that fit the needs of any CBD enthusiast.

    Whether your customers prefer an easy-to-use gel cap, a tasty CBD gummy, or a soothing CBD cream, we have you covered with Green Roads CBD at!

    4 Customer Favorites

    There are a wealth of pure, powerful Green Roads CBD products for people to choose from. This company offers CBD edibles, creams, tinctures, and more. 

    Everything that Green Roads has to offer is of the utmost quality. Customers can't get enough of these fantastic products, and they are all top-sellers in comparison to other popular brands.

    Narrowing it down to 4 of our customer favorites is no easy task, but we did it anyway. Just for you.

    Relax Bears

    CBD gummies are one of the most widely used products on the market, and Green Roads makes the best! These gummies are pharmacist formulated and come packed with 10mg of CBD per gummy. People love these gummies because they offer a convenient, delicious way to enjoy a hearty serving of pre-measured CBD.

    Mighty Full-Spectrum Tincture

    Customers love CBD tinctures, and it's hard to find any that can compare to Green Roads Mighty full-spectrum Mint-Breeze tincture. This powerful oil offers 1500mg of CBD per tincture.

    That means every 1ml dropper full provides 50mg of top-tier CBD. If you want a tincture that your customers are sure to love, this is the tincture for you!

    CBD Capsules

    People love Green Roads CBD capsules because they offer a quick and convenient way to enjoy a pre-measured serving of CBD. These capsules are highly portable and can be taken just about anywhere.

    If your customers are always on the go, they'll love the convenience of these easy-to-swallow CBD capsules from Green Roads CBD.

    CBD Pet Tincture

    There's nothing more rewarding than treating your four-legged friend to the same relief you feel from CBD. Green Roads makes a fantastic CBD tincture exclusively for pets. If you have customers whose pet deals with anxiety or has a hard time when traveling, Green Roads pet CBD tincture might be the perfect solution.

    People always want the best for their pets, so when they buy CBD, they want the best, and that's Green Roads.

    Selecting The Perfect CBD for Your Customers

    Choosing the perfect CBD product to offer your customers may seem like a daunting task, but with Green Roads at wholesaleCBD, shopping is a breeze. One of the benefits of shopping at wholesale CBD is that we refuse to carry anything but the absolute best CBD products from the most sought after name-brands on the market.

    When you want to provide your customers with the best CBD on the market, you can rest assured that all of the Green Roads products we carry are of the utmost quality.

    Buy Green Roads CBD in Bulk at

    If you want unbeatable Green Roads wholesale prices, you've come to the right place! At, we are committed to bringing you the finest products at competitive wholesale prices.

    If youre looking to offer your customers pure, effective CBD, there's no better place to shop than right here at!