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    CBD Patches (3)

    • CBDfx

    CBDfx - CBD Topical - Peppermint Foot Mask - 50mg

    • CBDfx

    CBDfx - CBD Topical - Lavender Foot Mask - 50mg

    • PureKana

    PureKana - CBD Topical - Transdermal Patch - 60mg

    Wholesale CBD Patches

    CBD comes in a huge variety of formulations and CBD patches are one of the most popular of them all. These convenient patches provide customers with a unique way to access a bounty of beneficial cannabinoids. 

    At we’re committed to bringing you a diverse selection of the finest CBD patches on the market. We carry all of the most sought after products from the most trusted brands. Whether you want to offer your customers a CBD patch infused with b-complex to help with hangovers, or a dreamy patch infused with melatonin, we’ve got you covered at!

    These patches fly off of our shelves and we’re sure your customers will be just as enthusiastic as ours. If you're looking for a product that's sure to be a customer favorite, CBD patches are a fantastic choice. 

    If you’re unfamiliar with CBD transdermal patches, you've come to the right place! In this product's overview, we’ll take a closer look at these powerful patches and help you understand what they are, how they’re made, and why they're such a hit with customers.

    What Are CBD Patches?

    Edibles and vapes are pretty easy to understand but usually take some explaining. These products are essentially small sheets that adhere to the skin and deliver beneficial compounds to the body through transdermal absorption. 

    In addition to cannabidiol, patches are often infused with a variety of compounds that have been selected to elicit the desired effect. There are patches infused with melatonin to help when it's time for sleep, as well as patches infused with b-complex to provide a much-needed pick-me-up after a night of drinking.

    People love patches because they offer a discreet, convenient way to enjoy a hearty helping of cannabidiol. Customers can casually wear patches just about anywhere. These products can be used as that secret way to keep cool in a tense business meeting, or a way for teachers to relax when the kids sound more like banshees.

    These patches are one of our customer favorites and make a fantastic addition to any inventory.

    How to Use CBD Patches

    One of the many things customers love about CBD patches is that they are incredibly easy to use. They also happen to be discreet, so they can be utilized just about anywhere.

    It's always a good idea to be familiar with how products are intended to be used. Customers always have questions and being able to answer accurately greatly increases the likelihood of a purchase.

    Using a CBD patch is easy! Simply clean the intended spot on your body, remove the patch from its package, apply it to the skin, and wear the patch for 8 to 12 hours. 

    Powerful Botanical Ingredients

    Ingredients can make or break any product and patches are no exception. The CBD industry is one that's focused on health and wellness. Customers expect ingredients to be top-tier botanicals, not hard-to-pronounce chemicals.

    At, we pride ourselves on the quality of products that we offer and spend a great deal of time making certain that we’re bringing you nothing less than the best. All of the products we carry have been crafted to perfection with the finest botanical ingredients.

    All of the finest CBD companies know that to make premium patches, you need to use premium ingredients. We offer products made with the best that nature has to offer and your customers deserve nothing less.

    How to Choose Best CBD Patches for Your Customers

    At, we have a huge variety of powerful CBD patches to choose from. While it's always great to have options, too much good stuff can make it feel overwhelming to make a decision. Then again, is there really such a thing as too much good stuff?

    If you're trying to figure out which patch is the best choice, consider your customer base. What types of products do your customers gravitate towards? Are they the type of people who’d love a patch to help with a hangover, or would they prefer a patch formulated for those nights when sleep just won't come?

    You know your customers better than anyone else. Take a moment to consider your customers and the types of products that are top sellers at your store, and choosing the perfect patch will be a breeze!

    What Makes a CBD Patch One of The “Best”?

    There are all kinds of CBD patches out there. You can find patches formulated to help with pain, others that are made to encourage relaxation, but the best all have a few things in common.

    We know that you want the finest patches for your customers and we’re happy to help you find them. Regardless of the specific formulation you choose, you can rest assured that if it checks off these boxes, you're getting a truly premium CBD patch.

    Organically Grown Hemp

    One of the most influential ingredients in a CBD product is the hemp extract used in its formulation. All of the best extracts are made from organically grown hemp. When hemp is grown organically it ends up being particularly rich in cannabinoids. This means more powerful extracts that are pure, potent, and incredibly effective,

    People are turning to organic products more than ever before and the same is certainly true in the CBD industry. Customers look for patches made with organically grown hemp, so you should too!

    Effective Extraction Techniques

    Another hugely important part of manufacturing CBD is the extraction technique used. Cannabinoids can be extracted from hemp in several different ways, but they don't all yield the same results. 

    There's a sort of hierarchy in regards to extraction methods. Butane is commonly used as the primary solvent in hemp extractions, but it's not quite as clean or effective as using supercritical CO2.

    CO2 extracts are widely regarded as the purest and most effective. If you're looking to offer your customers the best of the best, take a look at how a company extracts its CBD.

    Third-Party Tested

    The  CBD industry operates under strict federal regulations. These guidelines ensure public safety and require that all CBD products be tested at qualified third-party labs. This means you can rest easy knowing that you're selling your customers safe, effective patches.

    All of the powerful patches we offer have been thoroughly tested at ISO-certified labs and exceed any of the federal safety standards. 

    Detailed lab reports are available for all of the products we carry. If you want to see just how incredible these products are, take a look at the lab reports. Just be prepared to be blown away!

    Three of Our Customer Favorites

    With so many incredible patches in our inventory, we had a particularly difficult time picking favorites. We adore all of these products, so instead of scratching our heads over it, we listened to what people were saying and finally narrowed it down to 3 products our customers can't get enough of.

    Hemp-Bombs Hangover Patch

    Hemp-bombs is one of the most popular brands out there and they happen to make an awesome CBD patch!

    Nothing is worse than suffering through the terrors of a bad hangover, but CBD is here to help. Hemp-bombs CBD patches were designed specifically to provide relief after a night of too many drinks. With cannabidiol and B-complex, these patches are the perfect remedy for a hangover!

    Olivers Harvest Menthol Pain Patches

    Pain is one of the most common reasons people use CBD. The problem with vaping or taking edibles is that they don't last quite as long as patches. These products are made with cooling menthol to help those in pain get back to feeling their best.

    Jane's Medicinals CBD Patches

    For customers who want a product that's super high quality, but is intended more for general use, there's no better choice than Janes Medicinal patches. These patches were crafted as a way for people to easily and discreetly enjoy extended relief.

    Why People Love These Products

    There's an endless number of reasons to love these patches. Some people love them because they can't remember ever having a better night's sleep, others can't believe they ever hit the gym without a CBD patch. 

    These patches have won the hearts of millions for many reasons, but one of the things that really sets them apart is the duration of time in which they expose your body to cannabinoids. These patches are intended to be worn for up to 12 hours and can easily be discarded afterward.

    CBD patches are easy to use and highly effective, and we have all of the best right here!

    Buy CBD Patches in Bulk at!

    At we understand the importance of quality and refuse to bring you anything but the absolute best. We carry all of the finest products from the most reputable brands, at prices so low they're hard to believe.

    If you want to treat your customers to truly unique CBD experiences, stock up on some CBD patches from!