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          CBD Syrup Wholesale

          CBD Syrups are an incredibly popular way to enjoy the power of CBD. These products combine sweet, delicious syrup with high-grade hemp extracts. Whether you want to offer your customers a sweet, berry-flavored syrup or a refreshing citrus syrup, we've got you covered!

          At, we are committed to bringing you the finest CBD products at unbeatable wholesale prices. We accept nothing but the best and only carry the most popular products from the most reputable brands on the market.

          If you want to offer your customers the best CBD syrup on the planet, there's no better place to shop than

          People love to indulge themselves in a sweet treat from time to time and these syrups provide the added benefit of CBD. Many people try to maintain a daily CBD regimen, but have trouble remembering to take their daily dose.

          These powerful CBD syrups are the perfect way to incentivize a daily helping of CBD and are so tasty, your customers couldn't possibly forget.

          Getting to Know CBD

          If you're interested in selling CBD syrup, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the CBD basics. Customers often have questions about the CBD products they're purchasing and being able to help them understand these products will help them find the products they're after.

          Cannabidiol(CBD) is a phytocannabinoid that exists in various strains of cannabis plants. CBD is primarily extracted from industrial hemp due to it having a high concentration of CBD and a very low concentration of THC.

          Industrial hemp is defined as having less than 0.3% THC, which ensures that these plants are non-intoxicating.

          People sometimes get confused with the facts about CBD products. CBD syrup will not get your customers “high” or elicit any sort of psychoactive reaction. This confusion stems from the fact that Marijuana and Hemp are both members of the cannabis family. The primary difference between these plants is their chemical make-up.

          Marijuana has very high concentrations of THC and is highly psychoactive.

          Hemp has very high concentrations of CBD and is non-psychoactive.


          What is CBD Syrup?

          CBD syrup is a perfectly sweet syrup that’s infused with CBD. We carry a huge selection of the finest CBD syrups on the market.

          You can choose from broad spectrum syrups and full spectrum CBD syrups to perfectly cater to your customers needs.

          CBD Syrup comes in a variety of delicious flavors and makes customers remember the joys of going to the candy shop as a child. Everybody likes something sweet on the occasion and CBD Syrups present the perfect balance of indulgence and self-care. 

          These tasty CBD treats are highly portable and are a fantastic option for the CBD user on the go. Whether your customers are on a train, or in a business meeting, with CBD syrup they can quickly and discreetly enjoy a hearty helping of hemp extract.

          Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD Syrup

          One of the important things to understand about CBD syrups is the spectrum-types. CBD syrup typically comes infused with either broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD. While both of these spectrum types are rich in CBD, they are quite different.

          Full Spectrum CBD Syrup contains a wealth of beneficial compounds including terpenes, amino acids, CBG, CBD, and trace amounts of THC (<0.3%).

          It's widely believed that this specific combination of compounds is responsible for creating the entourage effect. This is where all of the compounds work together to become more powerful than they would be on their own.

          Broad Spectrum CBD Syrup is composed of a similar set of compounds. Broad Spectrum syrups contain all of the valuable terpenes, amino acids, CBG, and CBD found in full spectrum syrups.

          The difference is that broad spectrum syrups do not contain any THC. 

          Some customers are subject to regular drug tests and will use broad spectrum syrups to enjoy the power of hemp extract without any of the THC.

          Organic Hemp

          Customers love products made with organically grown hemp. One of the things that customers will often look for is whether or not a product is made with organic hemp extracts.

          At we think everyone should have access to the best possible CBD products. We offer a selection of top-tier wholesale CBD syrup made with organically grown hemp.

          Premium Extractions

          The way a brand extracts cannabinoids from the hemp plant has a large impact on the quality of the final product. Many companies use harsh chemicals as solvents in their extraction techniques.

          Unfortunately, when using chemicals such as butane, they tend to make their way through to the final product. While trace amounts of butane are generally considered safe for consumption, it's not the strongest selling point.

          At, we know that quality CBD syrup is made with quality extractions. We offer CBD syrups that use the cleanest, most efficient extraction methods. If you're looking for CBD syrup made with CO2 extracted CBD, you've come to the right place!

          Third-Party Tested

          The CBD industry is strictly regulated and manufacturers must adhere to guidelines set by the FDA. This is to ensure that all of the CBD products that are sold are safe for consumption.

          There are a number of ways in which this standard is achieved, but one of the most important is third-party testing. 

          All of the CBD syrups we carry have undergone rigorous testing at highly qualified third-party labs, and have exceeded the safety standards employed by the FDA.

          We are strong believers in transparency and detailed lab reports are available for all of the CBD syrups we offer. These syrups are pure, potent, and made with the best ingredients. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at the lab reports and prepare to be impressed!

          Customer Reviews

          When you find a CBD syrup you're interested in, you should do a bit of research to make sure it's the perfect fit.

          CBD brands are limited by federal regulations that prevent them from making any specific claims about their products or posting customer reviews on their website.

          Customer reviews are the best place to look to gather information about a CBD syrup. Customers are not at all limited in what they can or cant say about a product.

          Getting information directly from customers is immensely valuable because these are the people you'll be selling to. If they think a product is wonderful, you can trust it as valid market research.

          Why People Love CBD Syrup

          There's a long list of reasons that people love CBD syrup. These powerful syrups are highly portable and make a fantastic companion for the CBD user on the go.

          CBD syrups come in easy-to-carry containers and can easily be put in a pocket or tossed in a purse and saved for that perfect time of day.

          One of the things people love most about CBD syrup is that it offers them a sweet way to enjoy their daily serving of CBD. Incentivizing CBD use is a great way for customers to make sure they upholding their regimen.

          These products contain perfectly measured servings of CBD so it's easy for people to know exactly how much they're taking.

          Whether it's their portability, their ease of use, or the fact that they are wildly enjoyable, one thing is certain; people love CBD syrup!

          Name-Brand CBD Syrup

          CBD enthusiasts tend to be fairly well versed in the subject. They know what ingredients to look for, which extraction methods are the best, and they're certainly aware of the top name-brands.

          At, we carry CBD syrups made by the most trusted brands on the market. We know that people want the real deal, so that's all we carry!

          When people see a selection of familiar brands on your shelves it establishes a degree of trust. It lets your customers know that you offer quality products and know the difference between knock-off brands, and truly premium name-brand CBD.

          Are CBD Syrups Safe?

          Many people love to drink CBD syrup daily, but is it safe? Yes! CBD has been proven to be completely non-toxic even in extremely high amounts. CBD alone cannot harm your customers in any way.

          The CBD industry is strictly regulated and all products must undergo rigorous testing before they're released to the market.

          CBD syrup is completely safe for regular use. Some customers use these products as their primary method of ingesting CBD and utilize CBD syrup up to three times daily.

          These products are delicious, loaded with top-tier CBD, and are not non-toxic and non-intoxicating.

          Buy CBD Syrup in Bulk at

          At we offer the best CBD syrups from the most trusted brands on the market. These products provide customers a discreet and convenient way to enjoy a delicious helping of CBD whether they are relaxing at home or rushing to a meeting.

          If you're interested in offering your customers the finest CBD syrup on the market, the best place to find it is right here at!











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