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CBD Balms (66)

  • Neurogan, Inc.

Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Topical - Full Spectrum Lavender Balm - 500mg-2000mg

  • Koi CBD

Koi CBD - CBD Topical - Healing Balm - 150mg-1000mg

  • Canna River

Canna River - CBD Topical - Warming Balm - 2500mg

  • Canna River

Canna River - CBD Topical - Cooling Balm - 2500mg

  • Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals - CBD Topical - Relax + Unwind Balm - 1000mg-3000mg

  • Canna River

Canna River - CBD Topical - Broad Spectrum Body Lotion - 2500mg

  • Medterra

Medterra - CBD Topical - Relief + Recovery Cooling Roll-On - 250mg-500mg

  • Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals - CBD Topical - Fragrance Free Balm - 1000mg-3000mg

CBD Balms Wholesale

If you're looking to treat your customers to a truly premium CBD balm, you've come to the right place! At, we offer a huge selection of the finest CBD balms from the most trusted brands in the industry. Whether you want to provide your customers with some CBDfx calming balm for those stressful moments, or cbdMD lip balm, we’ve got you covered at!

Balms are some of the most popular CBD products on the market and come in a variety of formulations. Some people use balms to help soothe them to sleep, and others use them to help with achy muscles after a hard workout. At you can find a top-tier CBD balm for just about anything.

CBD balms are a product that shouldn't be missed and if you're unfamiliar, we’re here to help! 

In this brief product overview, we aim to help you become a connoisseur of CBD balms. Finding the perfect product for your customers is easy when you have a bit of insight to support your decision so join us as we explore the wonderful world of CBD Balms. 

What is a CBD Balm?

The quick and easy way to describe a balm is an ointment or preparation that is used topically to soothe the skin. CBD balms aren't so simple. These impressive products are infused with powerful cannabinoids that have been extracted from industrial hemp.

The inclusion of cannabinoids in these products is not something to be overlooked. Using CBD topically allows users access to targeted relief. This is one of the things people really love about CBD balms. Whether your customers are coming home from an exhausting day or are suffering from chapped lips, nothing beats being able to apply CBD balm directly to the problem area.

How Do You Use a CBD Balm?

Using CBD balm is incredibly simple, but there are quite a few different formulations meant for specific parts of the body. People use CBD infused balms just as they would any other balm; it is applied to the appropriate part of the body and left to soak in. The big difference is that customers tend to use CBD balm far more often than they would traditional balms.

These balms are loaded with premium CBD so people are more inclined to reach for them when needed. There's something special about knowing that cannabinoids are helping to soothe your aching muscles or lull you to sleep.

Some CBD balms are meant to be used on the lips, others are crafted for sore muscles, and some are even crafted with ingredients like lavender to help promote relaxation. No matter which product you end up choosing, explaining it to your customers will be easy- Apply a small amount of balm to the appropriate area, rub it in, and enjoy!

A Huge Variety of Premium CBD Balms.

There is a myriad of different CBD balms on the market. With everything from balms crafted for sleep, to balms with invigorating mint, it can be tough to make a decision. Fortunately, when you shop at, you can find whatever balm you want at a price that simply can't be beaten.

We pride ourselves on our massive selection and balms happen to be one of our specialities! We only offer the best CBD form top-tier brands like CBDfx and Lazarus Naturals. If you want a top-of-the-line products to offer your customers, there's no better place to shop than We have CBD balm wholesale pricing that you need to see to believe!

Choosing The Right Product for Your Customers

With so many options, choosing the right product for your customers may seem like a daunting task, but with a few considerations, it can be completely painless.

Nobody knows your customer base as well as you do. We recommend taking a look at some of your top sellers and using that information to help inform your purchase. If your customers frequently stock up on lip balm, consider carrying something like the CBD infused lip balm from CBDmd. If your customers are night owls and you know they could use some help getting to sleep, you might want to pick up some Sleep Balm from CBDfx.

No matter which CBD balm you decide on, you can rest assured that if you're shopping at, you're getting the best products from the most trusted brands in the industry.

What to Look For in a CBD Balm

CBD balm is available in a huge variety of formulations and each of them have their own unique qualities. This makes it difficult to tell which wholesale CBD balms are the best, but there are some things that all of the top-tier balms have in common.

You can use the following information as a guide to help you sort through the crowd and find the CBD balm that's right for your customers. We know that our clients want quality and we’re here to help.

Organically Grown Hemp

One of the most important parts of crafting a quality CBD product is having top-tier hemp. If a manufacturer cuts corners in this department their product will suffer greatly.

All of the best CBD products are made with organically grown hemp. When hemp is grown organically it tends to be far more potent. Being compound-rich is the goal, and growing organically helps achieve that. It is also the environmentally friendly way to go about things.

There has been a massive shift towards organic products in recent years. People have grown sick of chemicals and preservatives being in every imaginable product. This same principle is true when it comes to CBD; people want products that are made with organically  grown hemp.

Top-Tier Extraction Method

Another incredibly important part of a CBD balm is the extraction method used to craft the hemp oil. Before any CBD product can be made the CBD must first be acquired from the hemp plant. To accomplish this, manufacturers will use one of a handful of techniques.

Some brands use ethanol as their primary solvent, others use butane, and the truly premium brands use supercritical CO2. Extraction methods that utilize CO2 are held in very high regard in the CBD community. 

CO2 allows manufacturers to extract the full range of compounds from hemp. It is clean, efficient, and produces remarkably effective CBD.

Tested at Third-Party Labs

The most important part of any CBD product is safety. To legally operate in the United States CBD manufacturers must adhere to strict federal regulations. The three most important regulations to remember are:

  1. All CBD products must contain >0.3% THC 
  2. All CBD products must be tested at qualified third-party laboratories
  3. Lab reports must be made available for all CBD products

The CBD industry is booming and though there are laws in place to protect consumers, sub-par CBD does make it through the cracks on occasion.

One of the many benefits of shopping at is that all of our products exceed any federal safety standards. Every CBD balm we carry has been thoroughly tested at ISO certified labs and come with detailed lab reports. 

When you want quality you can trust, there's no better place to shop. And we have the lab reports to prove it!

CBD Balm Reviews

Last, but certainly not least, are customer reviews. These are an incredibly valuable resource for anyone interested in finding the most popular products. Customer reviews can provide a wealth of insight into the public perception of a product. If you're curious about a brand that hasn't been around for long, you can usually get an idea as to how they're going to do by looking at customer reviews.

When you want to become more familiar with a particular brand or product, we highly recommend spending some time reading customer reviews.

Why People Love CBD Balms

There are about a million reasons to love CBD balm. These products are easy to use, highly portable, and remarkably effective. Customers love being able to take CBD balm with them and get targeted relief on the go.

You can easily put a CBD balm in your pocket, purse, or briefcase and take it with you just about anywhere. Whether your customers need to soothe chapped lips, or keep their cool in a tense situation, CBD balm is a fantastic option.

Buy CBD Balm in Bulk at!

At we carry an unrivaled selection of the best CBD balm from the most reputable names on the market. We offer household names like CBDfx, Lazarus Naturals, and many more. All of the CBD balm we offer is made with high quality CBD and top-notch botanical ingredients. 

If you're looking for a product that's sure to be a hit, pick up some CBD balm from!