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          CBD Sunscreen Wholesale

          When it's time to enjoy the beauty of nature, sunscreen is an absolute must, and nothing helps you beat the heat quite like CBD Sunscreen!

          These products provide all of the protection you get from normal sunscreen while having the added bonus of being infused with high-grade CBD. Cannabidiol is known for its wide variety of beneficial qualities, and relaxation is one of them!

          CBD sunscreen will not only block harmful UV rays, it will help your customers feel chill even when they're baking in the sun. There's nothing like enjoying relaxing cannabinoids while basking in the warm sun and CBD sunscreen is a fantastic way to do so.

          If you're looking for a product that's sure to be useful for your customers CBD sunscreen is a great way to go.

          We know from experience how well these products sell and we’re certain you'll enjoy the same experience. In this product overview, we aim to help you become familiar with these awesome products, how they're made, and why customers can't ever seem to get enough. So stick around and allow us to introduce you to CBD sunscreen!

          What is Sunscreen with CBD?

          Put simply, these products are the perfect marriage of cannabidiol and sun protection, but there’s more to it than that. CBD manufacturers operate a little bit differently than your average industrial giant. 

          Companies that produce hemp extracts tend to be more inclined to use healthy, natural ingredients.The entire CBD industry is built on people's desire to pursue health and wellness so not only are quality ingredients an ethical approach, but it's a smart business tactic.

          CBD infused sunscreen has become incredibly popular and provides people superior UV protection and a hearty helping of powerful cannabinoids.

          Top-Tier Ingredients

          In the world of CBD infused sunscreen, top-tier ingredients are the name of the game. Manufacturers invest a great deal of time and money sourcing the best ingredients from trusted sources. Many CBD brands go as far as growing their own ingredients.

          The effectiveness of both CBD and sunscreen is a direct result of their ingredients. If a company cuts corners in sourcing their ingredients the end product will inevitably suffer. 

          One of the things that makes these products is that they are crafted with top-tier botanical ingredients. People can access effective sun protection that utilizes the power of nature instead of harsh chemicals. Not to mention the added bonus of enjoying a serving of CBD!

          How Does it Work?

          CBD infused sunscreen works in a very similar way to traditional sunscreen. Application and use is a breeze! Simply apply the sunscreen to the desired areas, rub it in while making sure to get an even covering, then allow it to soak in for 10-15 minutes before jumping in the water.

          These products deliver CBD to the body through transdermal absorption, this means that if they aren't allowed time to soak in they won't work. Allowing 10-15 minutes before getting wet gives your body time to soak in all of the beneficial cannabinoids. 

          Ease of use is important for customers and it doesn't get any easier than this. Everybody knows how to apply sunscreen and CBD sunscreen works in the exact same way. This means there's no learning curve and an inherent familiarity that helps instill confidence in potential customers.

          The Importance of UV Protection

          Everybody is unique but one thing we can all agree on is sunscreen. It doesn't matter who you are or the tone of your skin, we all need protection from harsh ultra-violet rays. UV exposure has been linked to the development of skin cancer so even if you don't “burn” you still need protection when you're outdoors.

          One of the benefits of selling sunscreen is that you don't need to convince customers of its importance. Everybody knows that sunscreen is a good thing and when they see that you've got sunscreen infused with CBD, you're going to have some happy customers!

          Selecting the Best CBD for Your Customers

          At, we offer a huge selection of the best CBD sunscreen from the most trusted brands in the industry. While our selection is nothing short of impressive, it can also be a little overwhelming. With so many great products, how do you choose the right one?

          This might seem like a daunting task, but a few considerations will make selecting the right sunscreen a breeze. 

          Consider your customers preferences. Are your customers the type to lay out and tan? If so, provide them with a moderate SPF like the Savage CBD SPF30 sunscreen. If your customers are surfing regularly or engaging in outdoor activities the 50SPF Dixie Botanicals sunscreen might be a more appealing option. 

          No one knows your customers better than you do, so take some time to think about your target market and the products your customers are attracted to, and you'll have no problem selecting the perfect product.

          What to Look for in Wholesale CBD Sunscreen

          Even when you have a good idea of what you're after, choosing the best product can be a bit tricky. These products are made with ingredients that are far superior to traditional sunscreens so the bar is already set pretty high.

          Though these products are all made with fantastic ingredients, there are some that stand out. If you're after the absolute best quality CBD you’ll want to make sure they have the following traits.

          Made with Organic Hemp

          One of the things that really makes a sunscreen stand-out is the ingredients it's made with and hemp might be the most important ingredient of all. Customers flock to products made with organically grown hemp. 

          When hemp is grown organically it matures to be particularly rich in beneficial cannabinoids. Customers know this and it adds to the allure. Organic products are always better and CBD is no exception.

          Premium Extraction Methods

          Another thing that has a huge influence on the quality of a product is the extraction method used. There are a multitude of different ways a company can extract cannabinoids from hemp. Some companies use ethanol, others use butane, but the best of the best use CO2.

          Supercritical CO2 is regarded as the cleanest, most effective way to extract cannabinoids. CO2 doesn't leave any trace residue and it allows manufacturers to produce a clean, highly effective extract. While there are plenty of great ways to extract CBD, CO2 is by far the best and has the reputation to match.

          Tested at Third-Party Labs

          One of the most important parts of manufacturing CBD sunscreen is making sure that it's safe to use. There are strict federal guidelines that govern the CBD industry. To ensure the public's safety, all CBD products must be thoroughly tested at ISO certified third-party laboratories.

          All of the sunscreens we carry have been tested at highly qualified labs and surpass all government-imposed safety standards. Detailed lab results are available for all of the CBD sunscreens we offer. If you want to see a detailed list of the quality contents in these products, just check out the lab report!

          Customer Reviews for CBD Sunscreen

          Customer reviews are not something to overlook. When you've found a brand or product that interests you, one of the first things you should do is check out the customer reviews. 

          It's rare for a retailer to find free information that is as valuable as customer reviews. These reviews provide a direct insight from your target market. If sunscreen is really worthy of your investment, you'll see it reflected in its reviews.

          Every CBD brand out there is going to tell you they have the best products. This is the nature of the business. But customer reviews offer you an insightful peek behind the veil. If you want the low-down on a particular sunscreen, check out the customer reviews!

          Why People Love CBD Sunscreen

          There are a whole bunch of different reasons to love CBD cream. It's made with incredible ingredients, it provides UV protection and a serving of CBD simultaneously.

          But even with so many wonderful attributes, one of the things people love most about CBD sunscreen is that it provides an alternative to the long list of chemicals contained in traditional sunscreens.

          Everyone needs protection from the sun, but not all sun protection is made equally. Treat your customers to unparalleled protection through the power of nature with CBD infused sunscreen.

          Buy CBD Sunscreen in Bulk at Wholesale

          At, we maintain an undying commitment to the quality of our offerings and the satisfaction of our customers. We carry a huge selection of CBD sunscreen made by the most trusted name brands in the industry. 

          Your customers deserve the best, so treat them to an experience that's both beneficial and unique with CBD sunscreen from!













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