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The Buyers Guide to Private Label CBD Wholesale

The Buyers Guide to Private Label CBD Wholesale

Welcome to the wonderful world of private label CBD; where the quality is impeccable and dependability is king. The CBD industry blew up in 2018. As soon as the farm bill passed, CBD grew rapidly in popularity and became one of the most widely used health and wellness products in the country.

This booming popularity has done a lot of good for CBD. There have been numerous clinical investigations initiated and a general de-stigmatization of a compound that millions of people find beneficial.

The increased demand for CBD has also led to some less-than-desirable outcomes as well. With so many new brands and products flooding the market, the CBD market is occasionally infiltrated by counterfeiters. There are also brands that are created for the sole purpose of making money as quickly as possible, and shutting down before detected. These brands often don’t adhere to any FDA regulations, as they don’t intend to be around long enough for it to matter.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of private label CBD. We’ll explain exactly what it is, why they are some of the most dependable wholesale CBD products, and how you can find the best!

What is “Private Label” CBD?

Private label manufacturing is one of the most popular ways to go about developing a brand. This is a practice that is common not only in the CBD industry but in just about every other industry imaginable.

Private label products are purchased by a brand from a third-party manufacturer. In the case of CBD, this means the manufacturer has grown or sourced the hemp, extracted the beneficial compounds, and crafted the resulting products. 

Why It’s Important to Purchase Private Label CBD 

CBD is getting safer by the day, but there are still some CBD pirates who slip through the cracks. They typically manufacture a limited number of products, use savvy marketing techniques to deplete their sub-par inventory, and then stop selling CBD before the FDA has ample time to crack down.

FDA Regulations

FDA regulations are an incredibly important part of the CBD industry. They help to standardize an acceptable level of quality which in turn keeps CBD safe for use. If Federal Drug Administration regulations weren’t in place, it is quite possible that the market would become saturated with dangerous products. When you buy Private label CBD, you can rest assured that it's FDA compliant.

Counterfeit CBD

The last thing you want to do is accidentally buy counterfeit CBD. Can you imagine buying a few thousand units of a product only to get sued for making your customers sick? This is one of the many persuasive reasons to buy private or white label CBD from a respected wholesale distributor like!

How to Find The Best Private Label CBD

There are literally thousands of private label CBD brands and manufacturers. CBD is immensely popular and it seems that just about everyone wants to cash in. With so many reputable brands to choose from, how do you distinguish the best from the rest?

A lot of different factors can help a brand stand out among the crowd. Some brands have earned their place as a household name, and others have streamlined their route to the top by utilizing private label manufacturers with the finest growing, extraction, and testing methods. Let’s take a look at the three best ways to distinguish premium private label CBD products, from those that are just “ok”.

How Do They Grow The Hemp?

The hemp used to craft a CBD product is of the utmost importance. Some manufacturers grow their hemp using average pesticides and chemical fertilizer. Others go the extra mile to ensure that their hemp plants are grown with organic, sustainable farming techniques. The latter obviously being more appealing. If you want a quick way to check the quality of a product, find out how they grow their hemp.

Which Extraction Method Is Used?

Another highly influential part of the manufacturing process is the way in which cannabinoids are extracted. There are a multitude of ways to extract CBD, but the three most common are ethanol, butane, and CO2 extractions.

While butane and ethanol are both commonly used as solvents and are widely regarded as safe, they tend to leave trace amounts of residue in the final product. If you’re shopping around for the absolute finest private label products out there, you want CO2 extracted CBD. CO2 is clean, effective, and generally regarded as the best.

Third-Party Lab Tested

All CBD products are legally required to be lab tested. While this really isn’t a way to distinguish which private label CBD is the best, it is an absolute must. If a product isn’t tested at a qualified third-party lab, you should take it as a red flag and run!

Fortunately, when you shop at, you can trust that all of the products have been thoroughly tested at ISO-Certified labs and are of the utmost quality.

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