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Selecting The Perfect Wholesale CBD Dog Treats

Selecting The Perfect Wholesale CBD Dog Treats

It’s no secret that CBD is one of the most popular wellness products on the planet, but did you know that dogs can enjoy the power of CBD as well?

If there's one thing people love it’s their pets. The saying “dogs are man's best friend” exists for a reason. People depend on their pooches for emotional support, protection, and some even rely on them to get around throughout the day.

Dogs have been there for us since the beginning of time and now your customers can show their appreciation by treating their K-9 to some top-tier CBD.

Our four-legged friends are susceptible to many of the same ailments as their human counterparts. They can suffer from aching joints, anxiety, and restlessness. Fortunately, CBD is here to help. 

Choosing the perfect wholesale CBD dog treats might seem like a daunting task, but this article will help you make an informed decision so you can bring your customers the products they love. If you’re interested in providing your customers with some delicious CBD dog treats, we’ve got you covered at!

Different Potencies for Different Pooches

CBD affects everyone differently. This principle includes both human and K-9 CBD users. Some dogs will feel the effects from a tiny amount of CBD and others will require large doses to experience its benefits.

It's difficult to tell exactly how an animal is feeling when their given CBD. They can’t tell you specifically what they are going through, but it is possible to notice a difference in their behavior. When your customers are trying to find the right serving size for their pooch, we recommend that they start by considering the dogs weight.

If your customer has a large dog, they should try a more potent CBD. If their dog is a small breed, they’ll want to start with a mild potency. Advise them to start small and work their way up. Give the dog a single dropper of CBD and pay attention to its body language.

If your customer doesn’t notice any difference, they should continue to increase the serving size, or experiment with a higher potency CBD. All dogs are different and will require different serving sizes to feel the effects. Fortunately, CBD is completely non-toxic, so your customers can experiment without any worry of harming their best friend.

An Array of Mouth Watering Treats

An important consideration is what type of treats to stock up on. We offer a variety of top-tier products that are crafted specifically for dogs. Each of them has their own unique flavor and dogs can’t seem to get enough! 

Some dogs prefer bacon flavored treats that resemble traditional snacks. Other dogs love a hearty helping of CBD oil straight from the tincture. It’s always a good idea to offer your customers a variety of products to choose from. Chewy, flavored dog treats are an obvious choice, but many of our customers also love to provide their pooches with dog CBD tinctures.

It really comes down to personal preference, so if you want to be sure that you have something for everyone, be sure to stock up on a variety of different flavors and formulations.

CBD Treats for K-9 Anxiety

It may seem like dogs live simple lives, but their day-to-day existence can be just as anxiety inducing as ours. Some dogs deal with construction outside their home for months on end. Some lash out when they are frightened by strangers, or don’t understand the social situation that they're in.

Imagine going through a big family move as a dog. Everyone is dismantling your home and putting it in a moving truck, but you don’t understand any of it and suddenly you’re whisked off to a new strange place with different noises and smells. Just the thought is anxiety inducing and this a situation that is very common for a dog to go through.

CBD is the perfect companion for such emotionally demanding situations. Millions of people have found that treating their dog to some CBD during difficult times can make all the difference.

Aching Joints With Age

Aching joints are another very common problem for dogs. Breeds like German Shepherds are notorious for having hip and joint issues. We offer a variety of products formulated with powerful botanicals to help aging dogs feel their best.

People hate seeing their beloved pets suffer. Providing them with CBD dog treats might be just the thing to put a smile back on your customers face.

When Your Pet is Relaxed, You Can Relax

When your customer's dog is bouncing off the walls, there's no way they can relax. A happy, calm pet usually equals a happy, calm owner and CBD can help. When customers try CBD dog treats and see the results, they keep coming back for more. We’ve had great success with these products and we’re sure you will too!

If you’re interested in treating your customers to the perfect CBD for their pets,
check out our complete selection of powerful CBD dog treats!