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6 Wholesale CBD Products Your Customers Will Love

6 Wholesale CBD Products Your Customers Will Love

We know that shopping for CBD can be difficult. There is an endless number of wholesale CBD products out there to choose from, and some are certainly a better buy than others. So, how do you know what products to select for your inventory?

The first thing we recommend is to do a bit of research into the matter. Consider your customers and which products they gravitate towards. Some retailers offer an incredibly diverse selection of CBD products, and others find that their customers really only buy a particular kind of product. This is especially true at beauty salons where customers tend to buy topicals, and might not be interested in vapes or tinctures.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 6 of our most popular wholesale CBD products. These are products that customers can’t get enough of. If you’re at a loss as to which CBD products to fill your shelves with, these are options that are sure to please.


Choosing the Perfect Wholesale CBD Products

Choosing the perfect products for your inventory is an artful practice. There are a handful of factors to consider, and if you choose the wrong products, they will simply sit on your shelves collecting dust.

It’s wholly important to spend some time carefully considering which products suit your clientele. This can be a bit tricky, so we’ve put together a list of 6 products your customers will absolutely love. These products are made with the finest ingredients, come packed with perfectly premeasured servings of CBD, and are some of the top-selling products on the market. If you’re confused about which CBD products to stock up on, you’ve come to the right place.

#1. RA Royal Watermelon Gummies

RA Royals offers some of the finest CBD products on the market. They make everything from powerful tinctures to soothing topicals, but the most popular of all their products are the Watermelon gummies. These tasty edibles are made with premium ingredients like natural pectin, cane sugar, and a powerful helping of premium CBD.  

#2. CBDistillery Relief+Relax Tincture

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home from work to enjoy a hearty helping of CBD from the CBDistillery Relief+Relax tincture. This product contains a variety of beneficial cannabinoids diluted to the perfect potency. The inclusion of MCT-rich carrier oil helps this product to be rapidly bioavailable for a fast-acting CBD experience.

#3. Green Roads Dark Chocolate CBD Bar

Green Roads is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the industry. Not only do they make mouth-wateringly delicious products, but they also do it with a level of quality that continues to impress. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to indulge in the sweet, savory goodness that is chocolate. When you add CBD to the mix, it takes things to a whole new level. If you want a product that’s sure to leave your customers with a smile, CBD chocolate should certainly be on your radar. 

#4. MedTerra Cooling Roll-On

If your customers are gym-goers who love to push themselves, they’ll love the MedTerra Cooling Roll-On. This product offers users an easy way to access targeted relief. Whether leg day has left them sore, or they’ve been pumping iron all day, they’ll appreciate the ability to apply a combination of powerful CBD and menthol directly to the problem areas.

#5. Neurogan Full Spectrum Dog Treats

The only thing more rewarding than indulging in some top-tier CBD is treating your best friend to the same. Our dogs are our best friends. They’re there for us when we’re down and enhance the good times. People consider their pets to be like their children and are more than willing to invest in their wellness. This is one of the reasons that CBD dog treats are so incredibly popular. 

There are a ton of awesome dog treats out there, but we highly recommend the Neurogan Full-Spectrum Dog Treats. These are made with just 7 carefully selected ingredients and just the right amount of CBD for your customer’s pooch.

#6. CBDfx Tropical Focus Chillshot

Last on our list, but certainly not the least, is the CBDfx Tropical Focus Chillshot. These are the perfect way to enjoy a midday boost from 75mg of caffeine, energizing L-Arginine, and a hearty helping of broad-spectrum CBD.

Chillshots are made with the finest ingredients available. CBDfx sources all of their hemp from the notoriously fertile state of Kentucky. All of their plants are grown with the most ethical and sustainable farming practices possible.

To ensure that the Tropical Focus Chilshot is of the utmost quality, they utilize high-tech CO2 extraction methods. This allows them to capture all of the valuable compounds from the hemp plant and transfer them into this powerful product.

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