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          CBD Water Wholesale

          There's nothing more refreshing treating yourself to some calming, hydrating, CBD infused water. These products take hydration to a whole new level, and many people use these products as their primary source of CBD.

          People love CBD water because it is highly portable and provides a discreet way to enjoy a serving of CBD just about anywhere.

          These products are made with clean, pure water and highly-effective CBD. If you want to offer your customers a calming way to stay hydrated, there's no better choice than CBD water.

          Whether your customers stop by on the way to the gym, or to pick up CBD before work, they'll love to see CBD water on your shelves.

          Most CBD products are easily spotted, but CBD water is discreet enough to be enjoyed at work or school without everybody knowing you're taking your daily CBD. 

          Our customers buy CBD drinks daily and we’re sure yours will too. In this product overview we’ll help you get better familiarized with CBD water, how it's made, and the different types of CBD water on the market.

          If you're interested in purchasing wholesale CBD water to offer your customers, you've come to the right place!

          What is CBD water?

          Simply put, CBD water is water that has been infused with cannabidiol, but there's more to it than that. Where does CBD come from? How does it get combined with water? Is it safe?

          Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful phytocannabinoid that exists in high quantities in the hemp plant (cannabis sativa).

          CBD manufacturers take great care to grow their hemp so it is particularly rich in valuable compounds such as CBD, CBG, and terpenes. Once the hemp plant has reached full maturity, it is harvested, dried, and prepared for the next phase of production.

          At this point, the desired compounds need to be extracted from the dry hemp. There are a number of ways in which this can be accomplished and some are more effective than others.

          We carry CBD water that is made with the cleanest, most efficient extraction methods. 

          After the CBD oil has been extracted, it is sent to third-party labs where it undergoes rigorous quality testing. The extract is then converted to nanoparticles using high-tech methods, and is combined with clean, refreshing water.

          The only two ingredients in these products are CBD and water. Easy enough!

          A Popular Way to Get Your Daily CBD

          People are always looking for new and exciting ways to get their daily CBD. Whether your customers like to vape, prefer oil tinctures, or love edibles, they can all agree on one thing; CBD water.

          Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and why not enjoy a hearty helping of CBD at the same time?

          We live in a busy world and it's hard to find time to look after yourself. With CBD water, you get to take care of two essentials at one time.

          These products provide refreshing hydration and a calming serving of CBD to help your customers keep going throughout their day. Their convenience, ease of use, and discrete nature have made CBD water one of the most widely used products on the market.

          The Importance of Staying Hydrated

          Staying hydrated is your most important task as a human. You can survive for weeks without food, you can find shelter just about anywhere, but if you don't drink water for just a few days, you can die.

          Not everyone is aware that things can go wrong quickly if you don't stay hydrated, but that doesnt mean people don't drink water every day.

          The average person should consume about 3 liters of water per day. People don't typically look at water as a supply and demand type of thing, but when it comes to wholesale CBD water, it is most definitely a relevant thought. People need to drink water multiple times a day and many people take CBD 2-3 times a day.

          When you offer them a chance to take care of both obligations at the same time, you'll have some happy, hydrated customers.

          Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

          The hemp plant is filled with a wide variety of compounds. Though each of these compounds have their own merit, some people prefer certain cannabinoids to others. The word “spectrum” in regards to CBD, refers to the array of compounds that are present in the product.

          If you're interested in selling CBD water, it's a good idea to know to be familiar with the different spectrums available.

          Full Spectrum CBD is a full-plant extract that contains the entire variety of compounds found in the hemp plant. This type of extract is rich in terpenes, amino acids, CBD, CBG, and 0.3% THC or less.

          Broad Spectrum CBD contains a very similar variety of compounds to those seen in full spectrum CBD. Broad Spectrum CBD has all of the amino acids, terpenes and CBD, but does not contain any THC.

          CBD Isolate is a type of hemp extract that is meant for the purist. These products don't contain any of the terpenes or CBG found in broad spectrum and full spectrum extracts. Instead, isolate extracts contain 99.9% pure CBD.

          Organically Grown Hemp

          One of the things to look for when buying CBD water is whether or not it's made with organically grown hemp. People are looking towards organic products more than ever before.

          We live in an age of processed foods and chemical ingredients. People are starting to realize how detrimental this is, and the demand for organic products has increased dramatically.

          At, we are committed to bringing you the finest products and we settle for nothing less than the best. We carry a wide variety of CBD water that has been crafted with organically grown hemp.

          If you know your customers are going to be looking for CBD water with organically grown hemp, we've got you covered at!

          Top-Tier Extractions

          There are a myriad of ways for manufacturers to extract desirable cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Unfortunately, all extraction methods don't yield the same quality results.

          Some manufacturers use harsh chemicals like butane as the primary solvent in their extraction. While this is generally regarded as safe and if fairly effective in extracting desirable cannabinoids, it sometimes leaves trace amounts of residue in the final product.

          The point of CBD water is to provide people with a clean, pure product that embraces two of the best parts of nature- CBD and water.

          The best CBD water is made with CBD that has been extracted using supercritical CO2. We offer a fine selection of CBD water made with supercritical CO2 extracted CBD.

          Third-Party Tested

          The most important part of manufacturing a CBD product is making sure that it's safe for use. The FDA enforces strict guidelines that require all CBD products to be tested at third-party labs before hitting the market.

          It is illegal to sell CBD products that have not been third-party tested, but it does happen from time-to-time, so make sure you only buy CBD that has been thoroughly tested.

          All of the CBD water we offer at has undergone rigorous testing at ISO certified third-party labs. The products we offer have exceeded any quality standards and are completely safe for use. But don't take our word for it!

          Detailed lab reports are available for all of the CBD water on our shelves.

          What is Alkaline Water?

          Alkaline water is water that has undergone electrolysis to separate acidic and alkaline compounds. Alkaline water has a higher PH level than normal drinking water and is believed to neutralize acid in your body.

          When you combine alkaline water with CBD, you get a truly fantastic product.

          Sparkling CBD Water

          One of the most popular types of CBD water is the delicious canned sparkling CBD water from Weller CBD. These delicious sparkling beverages come in a variety of fruity flavors and provide 25mg of top-tier CBD per can.

          Sparkling CBD water is a great treat to bring to the office or an easy drink to grab on the go.

          Will CBD Water Make You Fail a Drug Test?

          Unfortunately drug testing technology has not kept up with the CBD boom. Drug tests usually test for THC, which is present in certain types of CBD.

          Though CBD products are required to contain 0.3% THC or less and are completely non-intoxicating, drug tests can distinguish between certain CBD products and marijuana use. 

          If your customers are worried about having to take a drug test, recommend that they use products containing CBD isolate and that they consult their physician for advice.

          Buy CBD Water in Bulk at

          At, we carry only the best CBD water from the most trusted name-brands on the market. Customers love CBD water because it offers them a discreet, hydrating way to enjoy their daily CBD.

          If you're interested in offering your customers some of the finest  CBD water on the planet, there's no better place to shop than right here at!










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