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          CBD Coffee Wholesale

          There's nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning, but CBD takes this invigorating indulgence to the next level.

          We all need a little boost of energy from time to time, and the day feels as though it's dragging on, a tried and true cup of coffee is the way to go. Unfortunately, coffee can leave you feeling a little shaky or erratic, but CBD is here to help.

          CBD infused coffee offers the perfect blend of energizing coffee and soothing CBD. This combination allows you the energy you need to keep going but keeps you feeling calm and collected at the same time. CBD and Coffee work together incredibly well, and customers can't seem to get enough!

          People who use CBD are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. CBD coffee has made quite an impression on the world of CBD and has become one of the most popular products on the market.

          Our customers love nothing more than a warm cup of CBD coffee, and we’re certain yours will feel the same way.

          In this product overview, we'd like to help you become more familiar with CBD coffee, how it's made, and the different formulations available.

          If you've been thinking about buying some CBD coffee wholesale, we've got you covered!

          What is CBD Coffee?

          When it comes to CBD coffee, it seems like the name says it all. It's coffee with CBD in it! But, there's more to it than that and this rich, complex blend of compounds deserves a better understanding.

          Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound from the hemp plant that has become incredibly popular due to the benefits it provides users. CBD companies take great pride in the hemp they grow because the quality of the plant has a huge impact on the final product.

          Once the plants have reached full maturity, they are harvested and prepared for extraction. The fully dried hemp plants are subject to one of several different extraction methods available.

          After the hemp oil has been extracted, it is sent to third-party labs to undergo a rigorous inspection. All of the CBD coffee we offer has exceeded any requirements set forth by the FDA.  

          The oil must pass a rigorous inspection before it's finally ready to be infused into coffee.

          This isn't as simple as soaking coffee beans in oil. The desired compounds must be isolated from the extract oil and infused to the actual coffee bean through a unique roasting process.

          How to Make CBD Coffee

          CBD coffee is as simple to make as any other cup of coffee. Just like traditional types of coffee, CBD coffee comes in a different form.

          There are CBD coffee beans that you grind and steep just like you would any cup of coffee, and even coffee pods for your instant coffee device. Making CBD coffee is just as easy as making any other type of coffee. This has made these products popular in homes and offices across the country.

          Whether your customers are looking for a midday boost, or want to start their day right, they’ll thank you for carrying CBD-infused coffee!

          A Popular Way to Get a Boost

          Everybody needs a little pick-me-up on the occasion, and there's no better way to get energized without the jitters than a warm cup of CBD infused coffee. These powerful beverages take coffee breaks to the next level.

          People often report feeling calm and collected after using CBD. A clear head allows people to function at their peak and increase their productivity.

          The perfect combination of CBD and coffee provides the boost your customers need without any of the shakiness or anxiety sometimes felt by coffee drinkers.

          CBD coffee has become incredibly popular amongst CBD users. It's estimated that 150 million Americans drink coffee every day. There was also a study done in 2019 that stated 1 in 7 Americans use CBD.

          That equates to a lot of people who are in the market for CBD coffee. It's no surprise that these products are so wildly popular!

          Organic Hemp

          One of the things customers tend to look for in a CBD coffee is whether or not it was crafted with extracts from organically grown hemp.

          CBD customers love CBD because it's a natural way to stay on top of their health and wellness, and they prefer that their CBD is made from plants that havent been subject to harsh chemicals or fertilizers.

          At, we know that customers appreciate products that embrace the best of nature, and we offer a wide selection of top-tier CBD coffees that are made with organically grown hemp. 

          We live in a time where the majority of our foods are processed and filled with chemicals. People have become more aware of this and are turning to organic products now more than ever before. This is more than just a trend, it is a shift back to organic goods.

          When your customers see CBD coffee on yourselves that's made from organically grown hemp, you're sure to have some happy, health-conscious customers!

          Premium Extraction Methods

          The way in which CBD is extracted from the hemp plant has a big influence on the quality of the final product. Coffee and CBD both attract customers who are connoisseurs, and one of the things they will look at is how the CBD was extracted. 

          Some companies utilize chemicals such as butane for the solvent in their extractions. Unfortunately, butane can sometimes make its way to the final product.

          Though these trace amounts are minuscule and completely safe for consumption, customers prefer products not to drink butane with their coffee.

          The two most popular types of extractions use either ethanol, or CO2. While both of these extraction methods yield some pretty impressive results, CO2 extracted products are generally regarded as the best.

          At, we offer truly premium CBD coffee that is infused with high-grade, CO2 extracted CBD.

          Third-Party Tested

          CBD products are highly regulated. The FDA has a set of guidelines and safety standards that all CBD products must satisfy to be sold legally in the U.S.

          One of the stipulations is that all CBD products must be tested at qualified third-party laboratories. This ensures that these products are not contaminated in any way and are completely safe for consumption.

          All of the impressive CBD coffees we sell are of the utmost quality, have been tested at ISO certified third-party labs, and have exceeded any safety standards set by the FDA. Detailed lab results are available for all of the CBD coffee we offer. 

          CBD Coffee vs Normal Coffee

          CBD coffee and normal coffee are similar in every way, with the exception of one important factor: CBD. When coffee is infused with CBD, it becomes a completely different experience. Coffee is known for giving people energy, but also making them feel jittery, shaky, and anxious. 

          CBD is known for making users feel calm, collected, and clear-headed. For these reasons CBD and coffee balance each other out in wonderful ways.

          CBD infused coffee has the advantage of providing you with a natural boost of energy that doesn't make you feel jittery or anxious.

          Picking the Perfect CBD Coffee for Your Customers

          With so many wonderful CBD coffee products on the market, it can feel overwhelming to know which one your customers would prefer. Fortunately, with a little consideration, this is an easy decision to make. 

          Consider what type of products your customers tend to gravitate towards. Are they the connoisseur type who grinds their own coffee beans, and reads every CBD label in the shop. Or are they less hands on and just want a pod to put in their device and enjoy their CB coffee with ease?

          No one knows your customers better than you do, so spend a little bit of time thinking about the types of products they prefer, and you're sure to pick the perfect CBD coffee.

          At, we refuse to carry anything but the absolute best CBD coffee from the most trusted brands on the market. This means that no matter which product you choose, you can rest assured that you're getting a product that is of the utmost quality and effectiveness.

          CBD Cold Coffee Wholesale

          Not everyone likes it hot! Some people prefer a cup of ice coffee to help them get a boost while maintaining their chill. For these customers there is CBD cold coffee; a fantastic way to enjoy a cool cup of CBD coffee, even when it's hot outside.

          Iced coffee is incredibly popular, so it's a good idea to pick up some delicious CBD cold coffee for those who like to chill.

          Wholesale CBD Coffee at

          At we are wholly committed to offering the finest CBD coffee on the planet at unbeatable wholesale prices. We carry a variety of formulations, so whether your customers prefer whole beans, or coffee pods, we have you covered.

          When you want to pick up some premium wholesale CBD coffee, there's no better place to buy than!












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