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    CBD Tea (4)

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    CBD Tea Wholesale

    Tea is one of the most commonly consumed beverages on the planet and CBD takes this immensely popular beverage to a whole new level! 

    We live in a fast-paced world and people are constantly looking for new ways to get through their busy day. Some people drink coffee, others drink energy drinks, but arguably the most popular caffeinated beverage is tea. 

    People from all walks of life drink tea. Various cultures embrace tea in their traditions and everyone from CEOs to farmers can appreciate a warm cup. 

    Hemp, like tea, has been used around the world for thousands of years. People seem to have a special relationship with both tea and cannabis, and when you combine the two the results are something that everyone deserves to experience at some point in their life.

    Saying that customers have taken a liking to these products is an understatement. These products go flying off the shelves. People love CBD tea and many CBD users like to keep stocked up.

    These teas are wonderful to keep around the house, but also provide a discreet way to enjoy CBD just about anywhere.

    CBD Tea is one of the best selling CBD products on the market and we know that your customers will love it as much as ours do. We’re excited to help you familiarize yourself with these products so you can make an informed decision about your purchase. 

    In this product overview, we’ll take an in-depth look at CBD tea and discuss what types of  teas are available, how they're crafted to perfection, and why customers can't get enough. I

    f you're interested in carrying CBD tea, we have you covered at!

    CBD Tea is a Hugely Popular Product

    If you're looking to carry a product that's sure to generate some happy customers, CBD tea is a reliable choice. With the number of CBD enthusiasts and the amount of people who drink tea daily, you'll be able to satisfy two of people's wants with one product. 

    People use CBD tea for a variety of reasons. Some CBD teas are formulated to promote restful sleep, some are meant to soothe and relax users, and others are designed to provide customers with a natural boost of energy. 

    Customers love the benefits they experience with CBD tea and have made these some of the most popular products on the market.

    A Great Alternative to Coffee

    Coffee is great, but not everyone can deal with the acidity or high amounts of caffeine. Many people find that CBD tea is the perfect way to feel revitalized without getting the jitters.

    CBD tea is a fantastic option for those who need a boost during their day, but are sensitive to caffeine. Caffeinated CBD tea provides the perfect balance of calming energy. Caffeine can be overwhelming depending on what you've eaten and how your body processes it.

    Customers find that CBD balances the effects of caffeine perfectly. Not everyone can drink coffee, and CBD tea will provide your customers with a healthy alternative that they are sure to appreciate!

    There's nothing like a hot cup of CBD Tea

    Whether the day is just getting started, or you're starting to feel that lunch-time lull, there's nothing like a hot cup of CBD tea to get you back up to speed. But that's not all tea has to offer!

    When people come home exhausted from a busy day, CBD tea offers the perfect way to relax and let the stress of the day melt away.

    CBD tea is one of those things that seems to enhance every situation. Whether your customers need to unwind, or want a well-balanced boost of energy CBD tea is a highly enjoyable solution.

    CBD Tea is Steeped in History

    People have been using both tea and hemp respectively for quite some time. The history of tea dates back almost 5,000 years.

    A legend dating back to 2732 B.C states that tea was introduced to Chinese culture by Emperor Shen Nung who discovered its merit when a leaf from a tea tree fell into a pot of water he was boiling.

    Humans also have an impressively long history with hemp. Archaeologists have uncovered hemp artifacts in what was once Ancient Mesopotamia that date back over 8,000 years. These artifacts were remnants of hemp cloth, but it wasn't long before people discovered the medicinal properties of hemp.

    Though they didn't understand the specific compounds, such as CBD, that exist in hemp, its benefits were obvious.

    While both of these plants each have a remarkable history, their future is one that is more exciting than ever. CBD and tea are the perfect combination. They both come from powerful botanicals that people have been utilizing for thousands of years and are both capable of providing a variety of unique benefits. 


    The Benefits of Tea and CBD

    Tea and CBD both offer a wealth of benefits on their own and when combined the results are nothing short of remarkable. Tea is a known antioxidant, has less caffeine than coffee, and has actually been shown to decrease the users risk of a heart attack.

    CBD also provides a plethora of benefits. People use CBD to help with everything from pain to sleeplessness. The effects of CBD are completely unique to the user so everyone experiences something different.

    Many people say that CBD helps them to feel clear-headed and a general sense of calm.

    These products combine the power of tea and CBD into one remarkably beneficial beverage. If customers want to experience the perfect balance of calm and caffeinated, there's not a better choice than CBD tea!

    The Best Ingredients

    At, we maintain an undying dedication to quality. All of the CBD tea we offer is carefully crafted with the finest possible ingredients. We believe in the power of nature.

    It's really what CBD is all about. And to ensure that our customers are getting the best, we do an immense amount of research and product testing.

    If it's not the finest quality, you won't find it on our site!

    Organically Grown Hemp

    One of the things customers tend to look for in a CBD product is if the CBD comes from organically grown hemp. The quality of hemp that's used to make a CBD product has a huge impact on the way it turns out.

    Customers can often tell the difference in the quality of CBD products, and organic hemp is one of the determining factors.

    We carry a wide selection of wholesale CBD private label products that are crafted with CBD from organically grown hemp.

    Treating your customers to quality products greatly increases the chance of them becoming a return client. Dazzle your customers with the quality of your offerings with CBD tea made from high-grade organically grown hemp!

    CBD Tea with CO2 Extracted CBD

    An important factor in making top-tier CBD is the method in which it's extracted from the hemp. Starting with organic hemp is crucial, but if the extraction method is sub-par, the end product isn't going to be as great.

    There are a variety of ways to extract hemp, but not all of the techniques used are capable of producing high-quality results. Occasionally you'll come across CBD that has been extracted with butane.

    This chemical is capable of extracting cannabinoids, but tends to leave trace amounts of residue in the final product.

    A Variety of Wholesale CBD Tea

    At we have a huge variety of CBD tea to choose from. We carry CBD tea perfectly suited for bedtime, CBD tea that provides a healthy burst of energy, even CBD for general relaxation.

    We also offer CBD tea made with types of tea leaves and a variety of delicious flavors. With CBD tea, you can offer something for everybody

    Why People Love CBD Tea

    CBD tea is one of those products that customers just can't seem to get enough of. We carry CBD tea that checks off everything on the list of attributes people look for in CBD.

    It's made with top-quality ingredients, it's delicious, and it's highly-effective. One of the things people really love about CBD tea is that it can offer them either a perfectly balanced pick-me-up, or it can provide a soothing way to end the day.

    Many CBD enthusiasts utilize its benefits daily, but some people have difficulty remembering their daily regimen.

    CBD tea offers a delightful way for your customers to incentivize their CBD use and stay on top of their daily helping of CBD.

    Buy CBD Tea in Bulk at!

    At, we don't offer anything but the very best. All of the CBD tea on our shelves is made with the finest botanical ingredients and the purest, most effective CBD on the market. We believe that everyone should be able to experience the power of CBD and offer these products at unbeatable wholesale prices.

    If you're looking to treat your customers to a truly premium CBD experience, there's no finer choice than CBD tea from!