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Your Guide To Buying Full Spectrum CBD Oil Wholesale

Your Guide To Buying Full Spectrum CBD Oil Wholesale

CBD has quickly become one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market, but we don’t have to tell you that! You’re here because you realize the personal and retail value that CBD has.

That being said, there are a lot of different products and formulations out there. The benefits and marketability of CBD are obvious, but the multitude of terms used in the industry might not be so obvious. 

One of the most common things you’ll hear in the world of CBD is the term “full-spectrum”. There are a multitude of spectrum-types, but full-spectrum is certainly among the most popular.

In this article, we aim to help you better understand what “full-spectrum” means. We’ll also take a look at the different products available, and even give you some pointers on how you can choose the perfect full-spectrum products for your inventory.

The Difference Between Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum 

The three most common spectrum-types are: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. CBD isolate is pretty self-explanatory - it’s 99.9% pure isolated CBD. Though it is commonly referred to as a spectrum, it doesn’t contain any cannabinoids besides CBD which makes the term “spectrum” inapplicable.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains a wealth of compounds including; terenes, amino acids, CBG, and of course, CBD. This spectrum type is produced in a similar fashion to that of full-spectrum. The primary difference is that broad-spectrum extracts undergo additional distillation processes. This allows the manufacturer to remove all of the THC.

Full-spectrum CBD is similar to broad-spectrum in that it contains a multitude of valuable cannabinoids. The main difference between these two is that full-spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC. 

The FDA requires that all CBD products contain 0.3% THC or less. This minuscule amount of THC is not nearly enough to incite any psychoactive effects, instead, it works synergistically with the other cannabinoids to cause what is commonly referred to as the “entourage effect”. This is when all of the cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD work together to become more powerful than they would be on their own.

What Products are Available?

Full-spectrum CBD is arguably the most popular spectrum type. This spectrum contains the full range of 113 unique cannabinoids and is available in a multitude of powerful formulations.

If you’re interested in stocking your inventory with premium full-spectrum products, we’re happy to help! We’ve included a list of different full-spectrum formulations that our customers absolutely adore.

Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are the classic way for customers to enjoy CBD. Full-spectrum tinctures are easy to use, highly effective, and conveniently portable. There are a lot of wonderful ways to use CBD, but for those who need high-potency servings, tinctures are the way to go.

CBD tinctures are one of the most versatile cannabidiol products on the market. These products can be ingested orally, added to food, or even applied topically. Customers love full-spectrum tinctures because they are powerful, portable, and incredibly versatile. If you can only invest in one product, CBD tinctures are a fantastic choice.

Full-Spectrum CBD Edibles

Edibles are down right delicious. They also come in a variety of forms. You can choose between full-spectrum gummies, chocolate, salty CBD snacks, and more!

Everyone is unique and has their own set of preferences. This is especially true when it comes to full-spectrum CBD edibles. Whether your customers are after something indulgent like a full-spectrum CBD chocolate bar, or they want some salty CBD corn nuts, we have the perfect products.

Full-Spectrum CBD Topicals

If you’re customers deal with frequent aches and pains, there’s no better choice than full-spectrum CBD topicals. These products offer customers a wealth of powerful cannabinoids in the familiar form of a soothing topical.

There are a multitude of enticing CBD topicals to choose from. Treat your customers to a soothing CBD lotion to help them relax after work. Or maybe your customers prefer to use a powerful CBD bath bomb and let their troubles melt away. 

Whether your customers prefer balms, lotions, bath bombs, or face masks, you can find the perfect product right here at!

Full-Spectrum CBD Drinks

There are a bunch of great ways for your customers to bask in the benefits of hemp extract, but full-spectrum CBD drinks are in a league of their own. These delicious beverages are packed with 113 unique cannabinoids that all work together to help your customers function at their peak.

CBD drinks are convenient, easy to use, and incredibly discreet. We offer a variety of formulations for every occasion. You can stock up on CBD energy drinks to keep your customers going. Offer them the sultry indulgence of CBD coffee to get their day started right. Looking to keep it simple? Provide your customers with the hydrating goodness of full-spectrum CBD water!

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