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Should You Buy Wholesale CBD Flower?

Should You Buy Wholesale CBD Flower?

CBD retailers know how many different products there are to choose from. You can choose to stock up on CBD gummies, topicals, soothing bath bombs, and countless other formulations. So, how does wholesale CBD flower fit into the picture? This impressive product takes people back to the basics and gives them the opportunity to experience CBD in its most natural form.

If you aren’t yet familiar with CBD flower, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll take a closer look at the wonderful world of wholesale CBD flower and tell you what it is, why people love these products, and even introduce you to three of our customers favorite products. If you’re interested in purchasing CBD flower wholesale, this article will help you make an informed purchase.

What is Wholesale CBD Flower?

CBD flower is quickly becoming one of the most popular products on the market. CBD is typically presented in the form of an extract. Manufacturers use a number of different techniques to pull all of the valuable cannabinoids from industrial hemp and use the resulting extract oil in various formulations. People are quite used to seeing CBD in the form of a tincture, topical, gummy, or vape juice.

While these products are highly effective and have been exceedingly well received, there is something special about getting your CBD directly from the source. CBD flower is raw industrial hemp. These are the flowers that actually grow on the plant, not a processed extraction. Not only does CBD flower contain a particularly high-concentration of CBD, but it allows your customers to experience cannabidiol in its most natural form.

Why People Love These Products

There are a ton of different products out there for customers to choose from, so why are they drawn to CBD flower? Processed products are incredibly common in the modern world. It is extremely rare that we get to enjoy the benefits of nature in a pure form. Instead, we get things that have been manufactured, processed, and anything but natural.

One of the many things that people love about CBD flower is that it provides them with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of nature to their fullest. Instead of indulging in a gummy or tincture that has been manufactured in a lab, they get to bask in the glory of nature and get their CBD straight from the source.

3 Customer Favorites

The CBD industry is booming and with such growth comes a bunch of different brands who are all looking to profit. Some of these brands make a fantastic effort and offer products that are truly impressive, but plenty of others are willing to cut corners to increase their profit margin.

At, we see through these lazy profiteers and can spot them from a mile away. We are committed to bringing our customers the best CBD flower from the most reputable brands in the industry and sub-par products simply don’t fit into our business model.

We know that it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re shopping at a place that refuses to carry anything but the very best. How do you make a final decision when every option is valid? Well, it doesn’t need to be difficult and we are happy to help! We’ve put together a list of 3 of our customer favorites to provide you with some inspiration and help you find products that your customers will love.

Neurogettes by Neurogan

One of the most popular CBD flower products we offer are the Neurogettes by Neurogan. These handy little CBD flower pre rolls make it a breeze for your customers to enjoy their daily serving of CBD. A lot of people love smoking CBD flower but don’t know how to roll their own. These convenient pre rolls make CBD flower accessible to anyone who can operate a lighter or has access to a pack of matches. If you’re looking for a CBD flower that anyone can enjoy, this might be the perfect product.

Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower by ERTH

Another fantastic option is Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower from ERTH. This brand has established themselves as one of the most trusted names in the industry. Not only do they offer a myriad of high-grade formulations, but they also offer some of the finest CBD flower on the market. Customers praise this product for its taste, versatility, and overall effectiveness.

CBG Hemp Flower by Essence

CBD is great, but it isn’t the only cannabinoid that's making waves in the wellness industry. CBG has also become incredibly popular and now people can enjoy pre-rolled hemp flower that are particularly rich in CBG. If you want to mix it up and offer your customers something they might not have tried, CBG Hemp Flower from Essence is a wonderful option.

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