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Our 5 Best-Selling Delta and HHC Products

Close up of wholesale Delta THC and HHC products

The cannabis industry is seeing another massive wave of growth and spearheading this movement are Delta and HHC products. The majority of our CBD clients are starting to build their THC inventory and we highly suggest you capitalize on this booming popularity.

Both Delta THC and HHC are relatively new to the market and you might not be familiar with which products you should have on your shelves. Well, we’re happy to help! Below you’ll find a list of our 5 best-selling Delta and HHC products. If you want to keep up with the changing cannabis industry, you need to get these products on your shelf asap!

TRĒ House High-Potency HHC Gummies 

TRĒ House is a brand that we’ve had an eye on for a while now. They’ve recently launched an incredible collection of Delta and HHC products that are taking the industry by storm. This brand has a plethora of amazing products to choose from and one of our customer favorites is the High-Potency HHC Gummies.

It’s no surprise that these gummies are some of the best-selling recreational products on our site. Customers love the sweet strawberry flavor and the powerful serving of HHC. These gummies a perfectly chewy, highly effective, and make a fantastic addition to your inventory.

CBDfx Ultimate Chill Delta 9 Tincture

If you are at all involved with the cannabis industry, you're undoubtedly familiar with CBDfx. This band has been dominating the CBD industry for years and has developed a reputation for quality, consistency, and effectiveness. Fortunately for the recreational cannabis industry, CBDfx has added a handful of premium Delta 9 products to their collection.

The Ultimate Chill Delta 9 Tincture from CBDfx has quickly become one of our top-selling tinctures and customers can’t seem to get enough. This tincture contains a powerful blend of cannabinoids that support a powerful serving of Delta 9 THC. This is another product that we highly recommend you stock up on.

TRĒ House Delta 8 Vape

Not only does TRĒ House make the best HHC we’ve ever come across, but they also make our favorite Delta products. The Delta 8 disposable vapes from TRĒ House are going to be the industry standard. The quality is impeccable, the durability is nothing short of impressive, and the cannabinoids are impressively powerful.

TRĒ House offers these vapes in a variety of delicious flavors including Lemon Jack Sativa, Wedding Cake Indica, and Rainbow Sherbert Hybrid. These pens are also rechargeable and offer your customers 800+ puffs of fun. If you want to leave your customers smiling, simply fill your shelves with TRĒ House disposable vapes!

URB Finest Flowers Delta 9 Gummies

Urb Finest Flowers has expanded their inventory and now makes some of our favorite Delta-9 products. This brand has a long-standing reputation in the cannabis industry and customers feel quite comfortable trying their new products. This makes URB an excellent choice for retailers who want to get ahead of the curve.

One of the things that seem to stick out the most about this product is its flavor profile. Sure, these gummies are packed with powerful Delta 9 and are seriously powerful, but flavor means a lot to customers. If your customers are on the hunt for a unique flavor profile, they’ll love URB Guavaberry Gummies!

CBDfx Berry Buzz Delta 9 THC Gummies

Yes, CBDfx is on our list twice, but this list would be wholly incomplete without the inclusion of the Berry Buzz Delta 9 Gummies. CBDfx has really embraced the recreational side of the industry and has started to produce some of the top-selling Delta 9 products. This company has always been ahead of trends, but they’ve truly outdone themselves this time.

The Berry Buzz gummies are made with the finest ingredients, taste like fresh sweet berries, and provide your customers with the relaxing experience they're after. Every retailer needs to have some recreational gummies on hand and when it comes to delta 9 gummies, these really can’t be beaten.

Stay ahead of the game and pick up your Delta and HHC products before your competitors do!