CBD Shop Near Me - How To Get Your Store On Google Maps

CBD Shop Near Me - How To Get Your Store On Google Maps

Have you ever looked at all the shops on google maps and wondered how they got there? Google is the holy-grail of advertising and being listed on their map is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your brick and mortar shop. 

In this article we’ll dive into the world of google maps and explore whether or not it’s important to be listed. We’ll also give you a step by step breakdown of how to get your company out there. Worried about the cost of being listed on google maps? Don’t be! One of the best parts about this is that it's completely free!

The most effective way to increase sales is to drive traffic. Google search engines help customers find you online and google maps helps deliver them directly to your store. If you have a brick and mortar store and are looking for a way to increase sales, then you need to get on google maps!

The Importance of Being Discoverable

If people can’t find your store, you won’t have any customers. It seems simple but you might be surprised how often this simple concept is overlooked. Back in the 90’s, businesses knew that it was essential to have your business registered in a hard-directory like “Yellow Pages”.

Times have changed since then and customers now look things up with a few swipes on their smartphone. Instead of looking for a specific shop, people will often type in “CBD near me”, or something similar, and take a look at the shops google suggests. 

If people are looking for CBD on the go and they discover your shop on google maps, it’s quite likely that you’ll procure a new customer. Driving new traffic to your store is essential. Retailers depend on a combination of new and returning customers and getting on google maps is a great way to increase your number of new customers.

A Tech Savvy Target Market

CBD appeals to a broad range of people from a variety of age groups. Younger people tend to use CBD as a way to help anxiety or stay on top of general wellness, and older customers often use these products for chronic pain. Arguably, the majority of CBD users are in the 21-40 age range. This means that your target market is a tech savvy group. 

This age range represents an active group. People that are required to have an understanding of smartphones and computers to get by. These are the people that will be looking for a convenient place to buy CBD, and they’ll be doing it with google maps.

The tech-age is all about convenience. People have grown quite accustomed to instant gratification. They don't want to work very hard to find information so if you aren’t easily discovered on a smartphone, you can kiss a large number of customers goodbye. 

Fortunately, getting listed on google maps is simple. You don’t have to be the biggest retailer in your area. There are no special stipulations. It is incredibly easy and an essential part of operating a brick and mortar store in the 21st century.

Contacting Google

When you’re ready to increase your customer base and get your store on google maps, it’s as simple as can be. All you need to do is look up your address on google maps. If your store doesn’t come up, you can suggest an edit. 

Google has made it easy for people to get their store on the map. It benefits them just as much as it benefits you. The main purpose of google is to deliver relevant information to people who are looking for it. This is how they generate revenue and how they've become the massive company they are today.

When you suggest an edit to google, they will ask for information about the property along with the store name and a basic description of your services. After a brief review, they will approve or deny your suggestion. It is very rare that they deny a suggestion and this only happens if there is existing conflicting information. You can pretty much rest assured that google will accept and process your suggestion.

Uploading Photos

An important part of your google maps listing is the group of photos that accompany it. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. This is because an image makes an instant impression on people. 

Don’t skimp on image quality. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Technology has come a long way and chances are that your smartphone has a camera capable of taking high-resolution photos. Spend a little time to get this right and it will certainly make a difference.

Follow these simple steps you’ll notice a difference in the amount of customers coming into your store in no time.

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