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TRE House - Delta 8 Flower - Rainbow Runtz Pre Rolls - 5ct

TRE House - Delta 8 Flower - Rainbow Runtz Pre Rolls - 5ct

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There’s nothing better than puffing a fatty, but our Delta 8 prerolls take it to the next level. These powerful D8 prerolls are packed with ½ gram of dankness, contain premium kief, and come with 5 prerolls per pack! If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the unique buzz of Delta 8, then you’re going to love our Rainbow Runtz Delta 8 Prerolls!

  • ½ gram of highly potent Delta 8 infused hemp flower
  • Coated in Hemp Derived Premium Kief
  • Tastes like the classic Rainbow Runtz cannabis strain
  • Gets you more lit than the Vegas strip
  • Includes 5 prerolls per pack
  • PERFECTLY rolled – No air pockets!
  • 2018 Federal Farm Bill Compliant
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect

Lab Reports

5ct Pack Lab Report