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GVB BIOPHARMA - CBD Raw Materials - Water Soluble Liquid - 1kg

GVB BIOPHARMA - CBD Bulk Raw Materials - Water Soluble Liquid 2%

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+/- 2% CBD (20mg/g)

GVB offers several water soluble liquid emulsions that are all a 2% potency (ie. 20mg/g). These emulsions are extremely high quality water soluble liquids that all slightly differ in their finished properties relative to transparency, taste, etc. which all differ depending on the drink/finished product you are using them in. Any of GVBs starting material can be used to manufacture this product, through a proprietary conversion process. Starting materials such as Full Spectrum Distillate, Broad Spectrum Distillate, CBD Isolate, and CBG Isolate can all be processed into Water Soluble Liquid.

The shelf life on these high quality emulsions are anywhere from 12-18 months. They are best used in drink products but also other finished goods like tinctures, cosmetic creams, etc.

Water Soluble Liquid