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Geek'd - THC Vape - Live Resin D8 + PHC + THCP Switch Disposable - Outer Space Sauce & Super Lemon Haze - 2.5g (10 Pack)

Geek'd - THC Device - Live Resin D8 + PHC + THC P Switch Hemp Device - Outer Space Sauce & Super Lemon Haze - 2.5g (10 Pack)

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Geek’d Extracts brings you their 2 in 1 style hemp device. Each device contains a total of 2500mg of unique cannabinoid blend distillate plus potent terpenes. These devices allow users to switch from an Indica strain or a Sativa strain by moving a switch located on the device. The benefits of being able to switch back and forth give users the best of both worlds as far as the desired effects go. This device takes a USB type C Cable to recharge. Each 2 in 1 flavor per device contains an Indica and Sativa.

Flavor Profile: Outer Space Sauce / Super Lemon Haze – Indica/Sativa

SIze: 2.5g

Cannabinnoids: Live Resin D8, PHC & THCP



Lab Reports

2.5g Device Lab Report