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CBDfx - THC & CBD Edible - Magic Melon Gummies - 10mg:30mg
CBDfx - THC & CBD Edible - Magic Melon Gummies - 10mg:30mg
CBDfx - THC & CBD Edible - Magic Melon Gummies - 10mg:30mg

CBDfx - THC & CBD Edible - Magic Melon Gummies - 10mg:30mg

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With double the THC (10mg) of our other delta-9 gummies per serving, our High Potency Magic Melon Sativa THC Gummies are formulated to give you a deeper (but still legal) cannabis experience. These delicious delta-9 THC chews also give you the calming wellness benefits of full spectrum CBD oil. Eliciting the mood elevation and creativity of a good sativa, our Magic Melon THC Gummies are a blissful boost for the mind and body.

  • 30mg CBD per serving
  • 10mg delta-9 THC per serving
  • 100% organically grown hemp extracted into full spectrum CBD
  • Available In : 20 Count Jar & 40 Count Jar 
  • 1 Box = 50 Pouches (Single Gummy Per Pouch)
  • All-natural, vegan & gluten-free

Each of our delta-9 THC products (including our Magic Melon THC Gummies) is formulated with your enjoyment and wellness in mind. These delicious sativa gummies are designed to give you the mood elevation and creativity of a good sativa strain, plus all the wellness benefits of CBD, THC, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol, or CBDfor short, interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, helping the body to maintain homeostasis (balance) in several vital systems and organs, including the central and peripheral nervous systems and the brain. This interaction between CBD and the ECS helps the various systems and organs to regulate important functions such as sleep, memory, motor control, immune, mood, appetite, stress and pain management, and more. These beneficial effects are the main reason CBD has become such a popular wellness supplement. 

Full spectrum CBD oil, the oil used in our Delta-9 THC Gummies, is especially beneficial, because it contains all of the active chemical compounds of the hemp plant, including all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and healthy fatty acids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9 THC) has a bevy of wellness benefits as well, plus deep and blissful relaxation effects. Taken together, these cannabinoids produce multiple benefits.




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10mg:30mg Gummy Lab Report