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Why Wholesale CBD Edibles Are an Essential Part of Your Inventory

Why Wholesale CBD Edibles Are an Essential Part of Your Inventory

There are a ton of fantastic hemp products that you can stock your shelves with, but CBD edibles are an essential part of any inventory. 

Some customers love to vape, and many utilize tinctures daily. There are soothing CBD topicals and bath bombs.. but none of these products come close to rivaling the immense popularity or diversity of edibles.

There is an incredible number of different, delicious edibles to choose from. Customers can enjoy the sweet taste of CBD gummies, freshen-up with CBD mints or even indulge in some creamy CBD chocolate. Having a varied inventory is crucial and CBD edibles are a quick and easy way to diversify your selection.

Why Are Edibles So Popular?

It’s no secret that CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products in the country. CBD prohibition lasted nearly a century in the U.S and it wasn’t until 2018, that the production of industrial hemp was legalized under the Farm Bill. In this short amount of time, millions of people adopted CBD as part of their daily wellness regimen.

There are a bunch of different ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but CBD edibles are the most popular of them all. People eat CBD edibles in the office and at movie theaters. They eat them at school and on the train. Edibles are everywhere! So, why are they so popular?

Easy to Use

Ease of use is one of the largest contributing factors to the popularity of edibles. Drinking oil from a tincture takes some getting used to and vaping isn’t everyone's cup of tea. Eating delicious snacks is something that everyone can get behind, and already knows how to do!

One of the many reasons people use CBD is to relax. The last thing you want when you're relaxing is to do anything even remotely challenging. Edibles are incredibly easy to use. You simply decide on a serving size, open your mouth, chew, and enjoy! The fact that edibles are this easy to enjoy is certainly a major contributor to its immense popularity.

Widely Accessible

Another thing that makes edibles incredibly popular is that they are widely accessible. Everyone uses CBD for something different and has their own set of personal preferences. One flavor and strength might not be right for some and perfect for many. 

No matter which delicious treats your customers prefer, we have you covered with a wide variety of premium edibles at You can find tasty gummies in a multitude of mesmerizing flavors. We also have delicious CBD chocolate, chewables, and pretty much anything else your customers might want! If you're looking for a product that will satisfy a broad range of customers there's no better choice than edibles. Take a look around and you're sure to find the perfect product to fill your shelves with!

Down-right Delicious

The biggest selling point for edibles is that they are made with powerful CBD. The second biggest selling point is that they are delicious! People love to chow down on CBD edibles. Not only does it provide them with a hearty helping of CBD, but it's a highly enjoyable experience.

There really isn't another wellness product on the market that has the same appeal as edible CBD. These tasty treats are carefully crafted and provide customers with mouthwatering flavors in a variety of formulations. Whether your customers or chocoholics or want a tasty CBD gummy to chew on, you can find an edible to perfectly suit their needs.

Choosing The Right Edibles For Your Inventory

Choosing the perfect product isn’t always easy. The CBD industry is flooded with brands who are all competing to have the most desirable products. While this leads to a lot of great innovations, it can sometimes make things overwhelming for retailers.

There are countless edibles to choose from, so how do you make the right decision? No one knows your customers better than you do. You see their purchasing habits, and what they are interested in. 

All you need to do is take a look at your sales history and figure out which products your customers gravitate towards. You probably already have an idea as to what they like and if you utilize that knowledge to inform your wholesale purchase, you're sure to pick a winner.

Products That Are Sure to Keep Your Customers Happy

If you want to stock up on CBD products that are sure to generate some happy customers, CBD edibles are the way to go! These tasty treats have won the hearts of millions of Americans. Many of whom utilize these as their primary method of CBD use. When it comes to edibles, customers can't get enough!

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