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Wholesale CBD Weekly: Synthetic CBD Could Be Successful in Treating Gonorrhea

Wholesale CBD Weekly: Synthetic CBD Could Be Successful in Treating Gonorrhea

CBD is used by millions of Americans daily. Everyone has their own reason for using CBD and now there might be another to add to the list.

Since CBD was legalized in 2018, the amount of clinical studies surrounding the compound have increased significantly. Its hard for scientists to deny the effects of CBD when millions of people praise the benefits it provides them.

Scientists know that CBD is helpful in treating certain kinds of seizures. This was made apparent by the remarkable results experienced by a young girl named Charlotte Figi. Charlotte suffered over 300 grand mal seizures per week before using CBD. With the help of CBD, the seizures instantly dropped off to 1-2 per month.

These results were nothing short of impressive and inspired doctors and scientists to take a closer look at the potential uses for cannabidiol. CBD has proven itself useful time and time again, but one of the biggest breakthroughs yet has been with synthetic CBD.

What is Synthetic CBD?

There are a lot of different types of CBD. You can find topicals, vapes, edibles, and more. All of these great products are available in different spectrum types as well. Full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate are all common types of CBD, so where does synthetic CBD fit and what is it?

Synthetic CBD is CBD that is conjured up in a lab instead of grown naturally in a plant. These compounds are crafted with an assortment of chemicals such as Bromide and Fluoride. They are meant to emulate natural cannabinoids and provide the user with the same benefits. 

The problem with synthetic cannabinoids is that they are not naturally occurring. This means they need to be created in high-tech laboratories and carefully tested to ensure safety. Though synthetic cannabinoids are generally frowned upon by your average CBD user, they have shown great potential as medicine.

CBD as an Antibiotic

Its no secret that tons of people self-medicate with CBD, but now theres proof that synthetic CBD shows potential as an antibiotic. In a recent study conducted by the University of Queensland, it was discovered that synthetic CBD can kill certain antibiotic resistant bacteria.

This could be a huge medical breakthrough. It would mean that Doctors could better treat a variety of illnesses. In this study, CBD was proven effective in killing bacteria that leads to Meningitis, Gonorrhea, and other serious problems. CBD has shown that it can be a huge help for people with seizures. Now, the next era of cannabinoid use is being ushered in by the dedicated researchers at the University of Queensland.

The First Compound Discovered in 60 Years That Can Kill Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria 

Scientists are constantly looking for new ways to treat illness. There have been countless clinical studies over the years to find treatments for illnesses such as Gonnorhea, but advances of this magnitude rarely come along.

Synthetic CBD is the first compound found to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria in over 60 years. Breakthroughs like this don’t come every day, and the fact that cannabinoids could be the catalyst for a massive medical advancement is nothing short of exciting.

If research continues to show promising results on the scale they already have, we could see some serious changes in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries. It would take years for these advances to undergo the clinical trials necessary for doctors to be able to prescribe them, but the ball is rolling. We are headed into a cannabinoid revolution, and frankly, its about time we found a better way to treat illness than to through a bunch of chemicals at it.

The Vast Potential of CBD

Its easy to see CBD’s potential. Millions of people across the globe depend on CBD daily to combat aches and pains, sleep better at night, and to simply look after their health and wellness.

We live in the age of science. This is wonderful because it puts pressure on people to think rationally and want proof for things that arent so easily understood. CBD lays somewhere in the middleground in this regard. 

It would be great to have scientific evidence for everything, but the effects people feel when using CBD are undeniable. Though science is just starting to quantify the potential uses for CBD, the general public is already using it and can feel the difference it makes.

Stepping Into A New Age of Cannabinoid Use

Cannabinoids are here to stay. New clinical studies are popping up left and right and the more we learn about this incredible compound, the more uses we realize it has. CBD has only been legal since 2018, but is already one of the most popular health and wellness products on the planet. We look forward to stepping into a new age of medicine and cannabinoids!

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